Donald Trump has to be getting nervous as the election approaches. His campaign has been hurt by a damaging video scandal that has wreaked havoc on his campaign. Hillary's week hasn't been much better as leaked e-mails about her campaign continue to surface. These issues have voters worried about America's future as a global player. Donald Trump is more worried about how he'll do in the third presidential debate. To succeed, he'll need to attack Hillary Clinton's weak points at all points during the debate.

Strategic Attacking of Hillary Clinton.

In the last debate Trump interrupted Clinton constantly and also criticized the moderators for focusing more on his scandals than Hillary's issues.

That style led to a fairly strong debate performance for Donald Trump, who did a far worse job in the first presidential debate. This time, Trump will plan to attack Hillary further and will likely bring up the leaked WikiLeaks E-mails in an attempt to further attack Clinton's character. The strategy should actually work in Trump's favor.

Why Does it Work?

The American populace is tired of politicians lying about campaign promises that they cannot keep. Trump is currently in this position because he isn't a politician and isn't afraid to speak his mind on a wide range of issues. That openness helped Trump win the Republican primary and it's helping him stay relevant in this year's presidential race despite all the scandals.

And what about Hillary? She's very clearly the definition of a politician.

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Clinton has turned her position as a senator into numerous speaking engagements all over the world and she currently makes far more money than the average American doing so. But Clinton is a politician who has no interest in truly speaking her mind at any debate or event. Those thoughts were confirmed when the E-mails released by WikiLeaks revealed a coordination with the media that nobody was expecting. The Americans who are tired of politicians lying can't help but see Hillary in a worse light and are turning to Donald Trump as their non-political alternative.

Trump needs to take advantage of this development and do everything he can to avoid looking like a politician while simultaneously attacking Hillary Clinton in tonight's debate. #2016 Presidential Debates