It's been over a year since the 2016 election began. Why wasn't this tape of TheDonald talking like a typical male, released sooner? My guess is trumpis either a great actor, and should receive a nomination for his performancefor being in cahoots with Hillary to get her elected, orit's just politics as usual. Kind of like "let's see how much dirt we can get on this guyso I can win because I can't do it on my own merits." If the Hillary camp thoughtbringing this tape out would win her theelections, it's backfired. Hillary seems to forget that her husband, Bill basicallyturned the White House into

what would be a politically correct phrase Ishould use? A Prostitution House.

Two women have come forward

Two women have come forward to claim that Trump touched theminappropriately. Are we to believe them? Of course we are. We have a tape of himsaying just that, showing him as the arrogant pompous man that he is and he alsoadmitted it was him on that tapeby apologizing.How many people reading thisbelieved that Bill Clinton, did not have a sexual relationship with that woman?(Monica Lewinski), believed what Gennifer Flowers had to say at the debateor believed the many others who came forward accusing him ofsexual harassment and rape? How many of you reading this still do not believethat Hillary would have threatened them as they claim?

if a picture paints athousand words, can someone explain to me what a photo of Bill and Hillaryshushing someone means? Actions speak louder than wordsfor the most part.

So many great impersonators

Frankly there are so many great impersonators out there, I'm surprised Trumpdidn't pay someone a few million dollars to say that it was he on that tape andnot Trump.

He's not as smart as he thinks he is or as conniving, corrupt andcallous as Bill and Hillary. Ok, that could be debatable.Will Bill Clinton be indicted also? At the rate these two are going ateach other, add to that the Wikileaks releases, they should both fall from grace and giverise to a 3rd party.

Can you imagine if Trump and Hillaryare in cahoots to get her elected and neither of them win? Oh what a tangled web weweave, when first we practice to deceive. I would call that Karma at it's finest.

For those who don't know - Abraham Lincoln, in 1860 was the only 3rd partycandidate to win an election. I'd say it's time for history to repeat itself. What say you?

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