Donald Trump's hits and misses

Donald Trump is the definition of entertainment. Controversial statements, riveting rallies, and monster scandals generate constant press and a die-hard fan base. However, immutable, negative attention could get the last sniffle. Close to twenty women avow that Trump is a sexual predator, and his unapologetic attitude is a looming threat to his campaign. The insensitive remarks about the disabled, conspiracy theories, and cruel opinions about minorities, Hillary Clinton, and overweight Americans have the power to vote another Democrat into office.

Racist Reality TV

Another new and contentious story about Trump and "The Apprentice" is now circulating in the media, but it has nothing to do with illicit advances.

A famous rapper by the stage name Lil Jon states that the Republican nominee views Lil Jon as an "Uncle Tom." According to Oxford Dictionaries, an "Uncle Tom" is a derogatory definition for "a black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile." No doubt this is an outdated and racist comment about a successful and wealthy African-American. According to the performer, Trump did not continue with the slur after several of that season's cast told the mogul how offensive that word is to the black community.

Randal Pinkett

Millions of people vote Trump because he is a radical that defies political norms and embraces the populist movement. However, his racist, sexist, and xenophobic rants will destroy his chances of election. He needs to admit his faults, advocate for positive change, and discourage stereotypes and critical viewpoints.

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I doubt he is capable of such rigorous culpability. When Randal Pinkett, the Season 4 winner of "The Apprentice," recalls his time on the television series, his thoughts on Trump reflect a common sentiment. Pinkett says, “I’m the only person of color to ever win on the show. And I’m the only one who after Donald hired me was asked to share the title with the runner-up." Even though Trump vehemently denies this accusation, the uncomfortable sting of this statement leaves fear and worry. If Hillary really is a crook, then what is the Donald? These questions are important, and Americans have less than one month to vote their answer. #Election 2016 #CelebrityTV #2016 Presidential Debates