What #Donald Trump talked about in this very vile conversation was banter between two men who thought they were alone and certainly not on tape. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush was the other man who joined in with this locker room-type banter while the two were on the Access Hollywood bus headed for Trump's soap opera cameo.

Wash that mouth out with soap!

It was is 2005 when Trump was to appear in a segment of "Days of Our Lives" and Billy Bush was accompanying the real estate mogul to this show to do a segment on Trump's appearance for Access Hollywood. Trump was wearing a mic and apparently he didn't know that it was on and from the sound of Billy Bush's replies, he didn't either, suggests the Washington Post.

You can see and hear the rated "G" version below in the YouTube video:

It was the type of conversations heard in the "locker room," Trump replied in a statement that he released once the tape surfaced today. He did offer an apology it anyone was offended by this conversation, but it was private and never meant to be heard outside of Trump and Bush's ears.

Actions speak louder than words!

Some might argue that while Trump was talking about these things, Hillary's husband was actually doing some of these things with other women. You can see and hear Trump in the tape above, which is doctored of all the lewd words, but you get the sense of what he is saying.

Tim Kaine wilts on camera hearing Trump's words

Someone had to do some very deep digging to pull this up and hopefully it won't become an issue.

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Of course Hillary's running mate acted astonished to hear such words. He once again mentioned, "dog," "slob," and "pig" as words he had a hard time saying in front of his mother and wife at the vice presidential debate.

Tim Kaine was playing the sheltered boy who just doesn't live in a world where these words exist. He was on the cusp of whining while telling the media he was shocked at Trump's words in this recently revealed tape. This is a man who wants to be vice president in a country where some rap singers make a living off these words and there are comedians that will curl your toes using language much worse than pig, dog and slob!

Trump's got a dirty mouth... in private!

There is no doubt about it, what Trump said was gross, disgusting and yes, it could almost burn your ears, but he said it in a private conversation and he is laughing and joking while saying all of it in a sarcastic manner. So do you tar and feather the guy, or chalk it up to some disgusting private talk that was unfortunately caught on tape?

Hillary's got some sneaky business in private!

Next they'll be trying to tape his pillow talk with his wife Melania.

Enough is enough! This tape made a little bit of a hit on social media today, but #Hillary Clinton's own words from her emails in the Friday Wiki Leaks email dump is taking center stage.

According to Fox News live on Friday evening, there are "many" emails that will prove as a problem to Hillary Clinton, like talks about pushing Biden off the ticket and putting Hillary on as V.P. for Obama's second term. Her determination to have open borders and free trade are flying red flags in those emails. Trump has been saying over and over again that Hillary wants open borders, which she has adamantly denied. She can't deny this anymore!

Bad mouth or bad business -- you pick

Sure, Trump might have had a vile, but private conversation with a friend, which will not affect how he does his job as president at all. On the other hand, Hillary is seen as someone in bed with Wall Street in the emails released from her top aide's account today. Politico suggests the Trump camp may just demonstrate how deeply enmeshed she is with Wall Street using evidence from these emails! And the campaign trail is blazing!