#Donald Trump knows he is winning the election, his supporters know Trump is winning, but most importantly #Hillary Clinton knows she is losing. Clinton, along with her support team, and the mainstream media are doing all they can to change the outcome of this election. The American voter, however, has already decided they have had enough of business as usual in Washington, and like Trump say “it is time to drain the swamp."

Clinton and her cronies have been exposed by WikiLeaks dumping batch after batch of emails that say the opposite of what Clinton says to voters. John Podesta may be the most manipulating individual ever born if you go by his emails, and Uma Aberdeen seems to be the next Hillary Clinton just waiting her turn to step up to the microphone to start spewing lie after lie to line her pockets.

Contract with America

While speaking in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania this past weekend Trump outlined what he called his “Contract with America's Voters." This contract (if all six points could be implemented) would go a long way toward draining the swamp where corruption breeds, fortunes are made, and taxpayers are used like pawns by the political elite.

Trump’s contract is exactly what America needs to return to the days of glory, and prosperity. Had John Kennedy proposed this contract he would have been hailed as a hero of the people, but Trump doing it has caused little to nothing to be mentioned about it by the media, who want to focus on scandal rather than substance. Even at that the scandal has to be one-sided against Trump, because we all know there is enough to be outraged about concerning Clinton that it would take another election cycle to report it all.

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Congressional Term-Limits

Trump’s contract includes pushing for a Constitutional Amendment for Congressional Term Limits. Term Limits have long been overdue in Congress, and if enacted many of the problems with Congress would go away -- if the current herd was put out to pasture. Thirty to forty years in Washington is like Alzheimer’s, you forget where you were going, and why you were going there.

Trump also wants a freeze on hiring Federal workers except military, public safety, and public health. Government is too big currently and business-wise most of it is just needless overhead creating the opportunity for more corruption. This, along with Trump’s plan to eliminate two regulations for every new one during his Presidency would be a huge boost to business, and the economy.

Trump will win the election

Trump also wants a five year waiting period for White House or Congress officials to become lobbyists. Taking it one step further, no White House official can ever lobby for a foreign government after leaving office or employment.

Trump’s last point would ban foreign lobbyists from ever contributing to American elections.

Donald Trump will be our next President, but even if he is not his “Contract with America's voters” should be signed, and enforced by every elected official in this United States of America. Hillary Clinton of course has not made reference to Trump’s contract, but then that is understandable being Clinton herself, her husband Bill, along with most of her supporters would be devastated politically and financially by common sense rules like these.