Donald Trump is in serious trouble. Most of the polls aren't going his way. If the trends on 538, a site known for its near pinpoint accuracy, are to be believed, Clintonwill win handily.He has made little if any progress appealing to minorities and the disabled.

He's even struggling with traditionallyRepublicanvoters, such as college-educated white people and married women. Rather than admitting that his struggles are largely self-inflicted, he is taken the route of saying the elections are rigged.

Much like any and every conspiracy propped up byAlex Jonesand other conspiracy theorists, it makes no sense.

Trump's theory makes no sense for a big reason

Look at the makeup of the election boards in the statesTrumpneeds to win in order to become President.Ohio is run by members of his party. So is North Carolina. So is Florida. In fact, 33 state election boards are run byRepublicans. While it is true thatTrumphas made very little effort to endear himself to his party beyond the wing that believes in pretty much every conspiracy theory posted on InfoWars, the mainstream Republicanshave no interest in helpingHillary Clinton.

In order forTrump'stheory to even begin to work, disbelief has to be suspended on an extreme scale. A whole bunch ofRepublicanswould have to hateTrumpenough to throw an election to a woman they've spent millions of dollars, mostly in taxpayer money, trying and failing to pin any number of crimes onin partisan witch hunts. I just don't see them doing that. EvenRepublicanslike Jon Husted, who is in charge of Ohio's electionsare tellingTrumpto cut this nonsense.

Trump's problems are his own fault

Instead of blaming his problems on the media, that by the way, has run far more negative stories on Clinton(many of which are fact-free conjecture and trying to create scandals where none exist),Trumpneeds to take some personal responsibility and own up to the fact that his predicament is his fault. He chose to mock and belittle multiple racial groups, the disabled and women.

He chose to rely on his reality TV credentials rather than setting up something resembling a ground game. He needs to take President Obama's advice.

Republicansalso need to take a lesson from this mess shouldTrumplose, which barring an extremely competent debate performance beyond anything ever seen in history, is incredibly likely. He's losing in Arizonaaccording to 538. A candidate who makes immigration a core issue does not loseArizonaif he knows what he's doing.

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Trumpclearly does not, and I'm not even sure he wanted the job.They nominated a candidate who does not seem to understand the basics of the job he wants and it could very well take their Senate majority down. They can only blame themselves.

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