#Donald Trump's candidacy is a "wake up call" to citizens and his behavior and actions during this Presidential election signal a new campaign style that is more extreme and more effective than the usual "beauty contest-like" narrative framing by candidates (commercials, robotic key phrases) that has become stale and unrecognizable to voters. The two party-system and their one-dimensional aim to continue to treat the Office of the President like a monarchy post and the "lockstep focus" on reelection has dulled the mission of the United States.

The good that he has highlighted in his campaign is that he has been saying "what is on people's minds but they don't admit it openly" on Republican candidates, on Hillary Clinton, the "rigged system of US politics", etc.

He is right that the position of President of the United States doesn't signify that the person who occupies it has impeccable credentials and strength of character (see Bill Clinton). Truly, if anyone believes that one person can lead 300 million people and make the right decisions for them, they are wrong. Donald Trump is right in stating how there is abusive and corrupt behavior in the corridors of power and it is true. Donald Trump highlights these truths, but he is not the one to change it and would be one of the worst to practice it if elected. 

U.S. is setup to function incorrectly.

The United States when formed was not supposed to be a "top-heavy" government with all the power resting in the Executive branch. The position of the President is not a monarchical position or a CEO like post and the system of "checks and balances" that balance power in a representative government have been forgotten by citizens and legislators alike.

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The foundation (and strength) of the country's decision making rested at the local level and rose up through the channels (county, state, region) until it was nothing but a foregone conclusion at the top on which way to move the country forward. Elections have been diluted to an exact science by campaigns to fool the voter into believing in commercial ads that one candidate is better than the other and that "a vote" is the citizen's only answer to exercising their civic duty. Protesters in the streets (#Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Bundy's) are the ones who actually voice their opinions correctly, i.e. "how it should be done". But, they have no clear direction where they want to go, thereby "protesting for protest's sake" and alienating everyone else. 

This election is the most important in our nation's history.

Because the American voter should realize that they must put in more time to seeing that the "business of the nation" moves forward properly and leave the driving of the country to the legislators. Donald Trump will lose but his approach to the electoral process will spur other candidates to try the same approach to get voter's attentions.

His extreme campaign approach will be continued by other candidates to "stand out" and calls for candidates to be jailed on site will increase, debates can break out into fights, rallies will be character lynchings, etc. In short, Donald Trump is only the "tip of the iceberg" to bigger issues. The younger millenial citizens can lead the way with their inclusiveness and understanding of issues which reflects a "national identity". The United States at the end of the day, is just like any other country in the world with warts as well as sparkles. The 2016 Presidential candidates don't give anyone a feeling of hope and they shouldn't because neither have the answers. It is each and every person who carries the power and they must use it each and every day at the community level, the regional level, state and beyond.  #2016 Presidential Debates