There are now only a little more than a few weeks before the third Presidential Debate between #Hillary Clinton and #Donald Trump, which no doubt is going to be the final confirmation that the controversial candidate is going to have his chance to go after Hillary, perhaps more brutal than before with mounting conspiracy theories and rants that serve to sabotage the entire election. But his attacks have not been without retaliation from the opposition. As mentioned in one op-ed piece published on Blasting News, a few of those held in high-esteem, have apparently gone "down" to Trump's level to suggest that he was doing cocaine before the recent debates, which explained his constant sniffling.

Donald Trump now suggests that Hillary Clinton is using drugs

To follow up a recent appearance by first lady Michelle Obama in New Hampshire this week, Donald Trump made an appearance in the same state and in his speech he suggested that Hillary Clinton be subjected to a drug test before the final debate. There is no doubt that his public request in this rally before his supporters, was in response to the assumption that he was doing cocaine at the previous debates, which many believe is not only behind why he was sniffling a lot, but it would also explain months of erratic behavior. 

Donald Trump makes a comparison to the political race for president with athletes, suggesting that Hillary Clinton was "pumped up" before the debates, until she became tired. Then he suggested she needed drugs because of public footage of her collapsing, before being diagnosed with pneumonia last month.

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Much like professional athletes who compete; he suggested that a drug test be given before the last debate and even volunteered to take one himself. The assumptions and his "volunteering" to a drug test, are both without merit as pointing to her health is only part of Donald Trump's consistent contribution to the culture of conspiracy that his supporters enjoy but also, a drug test for him, doesn't mean it would detect his coke use.

Donald Trump can 'blow' past the drug test with premium 'snow'

It's said that depending on the dose of nose candy, the user being tested could pass the test if they wait long enough from 12 to 72 hours before the test. If it's possible that anything Donald Trump says can be taken seriously, then it might also suggest that he is volunteering to a drug test to know the dose to take. Remember, it's likely that if Donald Trump is an avid cocaine user, he has the experience to get around a drug test with cocaine just as he has the experience to dodge the tax-man and thus be prepared to not pay his share for almost two-decades. 

The op-ed piece referred to above also suggests that with Donald Trump being able to get his way, apparently, no one could check him for cocaine anyway because he's already been running a campaign surrounded by "deplorables" who will defend their candidate no matter how terrible the scandals against him are.

As proof of this, with the latest allegations of sexual assault mounting on top of him; the most loyal surrogates are coming to his aid, dismissing those incidents as too old to matter or that the women making them are liars; even willing to accept some web of conspiracy to cover it all up. 

Why not test Donald Trump?

If anything, the calls to give Hillary Clinton a drug test should be taken seriously, where rather than give Hillary Clinton the drug test; Donald Trump should be given one. The vile and ruthless, potential president-dictator should not only be given one right before and on the day of the debate, starting now and every day until the debate starts! Then, after the first round of questioning, there should also be a public drug test done on stage on national television, with the results right after the commercial break halfway through. That way, people can keep an eye on him and should he try to pull an "Amy Winehouse" when Donald Trump thinks no one is looking, security can take him down.  #DrugTest