Did #Donald Trump, #Mike Pence and the Republican Party just pull the biggest Houdini-like job in the history of politics? Could it be that all along it was Mike Pence who the Republicans planned to get into the White House and for the sake of the country Trump agreed to help in an elaborate scheme? If this is what they are doing it is one genius ploy!

Mow down Hillary

Think about it...the Republicans knew that Hillary Clinton was a force to be reckoned with and the politician needed to mow her down hasn't been born yet. Donald Trump, the charismatic real estate mogul from New York, was very outspoken about Obama, Hillary and the Democratic party and didn't have any qualms about telling reporters how they were bringing this country down.

His very straight forward opposition to the Democrats enticed the nation. Trump had said previously that he wasn't interested in running for president and why would he be? He is a billionaire with a business to run. Despite the amount of coaxing from people who believed in him, he wasn't going to make a presidential bid. But -- then he did.

The Republicans knew he was just the guy they needed to put Clinton in her place, but he wasn't a politician. Mike Pence is not well known and to put him on the campaign trail against Clinton, well it would have been a gift to the Democrats. Someone was needed to fight Hillary and her Washington pals and that person had to be willing to go where no one has gone before with insults and accusations.

Pence's hands are clean

Even if Pence could have clawed at Hillary the way Trump did, it was going to put him in a bad light, much like Trump today.

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Calling her out for her lies was going to ruffle some feathers and make a lot of enemies, which it did for Trump. In the meantime Mike Pence is introduced to America as Trump's running mate and he does a bang-up job at his vice presidential debate.

Pence is careful not to look like a man who is letting Trump pull his strings during that debate and he doesn't defend some of Trump's antics, leaving many to question why. He walked out of the debate as the winner and as a man many could see as president of this country. By now the nation is tired of the Trump and Hillary fiasco and Pence is looking more and more like an obvious choice. According to the LA Times, Pence bowed out of the Wisconsin rally today as he couldn't defend Trump's comments. Are they setting the stage for a Pence-Trump switch? 

Trump's the wrecking ball

So far this campaign has raked Hillary over the coals and exposed her lies, but Pence's hands are clean. Donald Trump did all the fighting and at the same time, Hillary's camp's efforts went into discrediting Donald Trump, no one ever went after Pence

Now the election is upon us and not one hidden skeleton has surfaced about Pence because no one was looking.

Not a disparaging word has been said about Pence, because he was never the opposition's target. If he were the original candidate he would have been put through the ringer by Hillary. Trump was the wrecking ball needed to bring Hillary crumbling and this very well could have been the plan from the start?

Tape is final chapter

Just weeks away from the election this tape surfaces and Trump blames Hillary's camp for digging it up, but what if it wasn't Hillary and her buddies? Maybe it was the Republicans who put this tape out there as the reason needed to remove Trump and put Pence in his place?

After a year or so of cut-throat battling between Trump and Hillary, Pence looks more like presidential stock than Trump and Hillary put together. Trump did his duty by relentlessly discrediting Hillary. Did the Republicans plan this all along and did Donald Trump agree to this to help the nation?

Trump is not going to walk away, giving Pence his place as the GOP presidential candidate, that wouldn't look right. There has to be some friction going on for at least a week before Trump bows out for the good of the nation! Well, anyway...it would make a good movie plot!