The events of the last week in the Presidential election in the United States have been mind boggling to say the least. The release of the 11-year-old video of #Donald Trump speaking disparaging about women was a mouth wide open moment. The latest email dump by WikiLeaks concerning #Hillary Clinton have been head shaking moments one after another.

American voters without a doubt have a decision to make, if they have not already made their decision concerning who to cast their vote for on November 8, 2016. Whomever wins will make nominations to our Supreme Court that will shape not only the future of the United States, but also the world.

With the media so slanted toward Clinton one would think the media itself has already lost what the rest of us have at risk, which would be independence.

Clinton wants open borders

Clinton in an email concerning a speech to a Wall Street banking firm said she was for open trade, and open borders with a common market. During the primaries against Senator Bernie Sanders this was not what Clinton was campaigning on. This is not what Clinton said at either of the first two debates either. Taking these things into account there is only one conclusion you can deduce, Hillary Clinton is an outright liar.

Donald Trump spoke horribly bad about women, and those words cannot be taken back.

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Not Presidential words for sure. Trump issued a feeble attempt and deflect apology of sorts, and he has had to repeat that apology several times. Trump may need a new slogan, something like “Make America Groan Again” which is what so many of his supporters have been doing lately. Taking this into account the only conclusion you can deduce is that Donald Trump is a brash ego maniac.

Americans now have a choice that is much more defined as far as who to elect President. Our choices are clear, we can elect Hillary Clinton -- a liar that will never be able to be trusted. Clinton will say one thing while doing exactly the opposite for personal gain. Clinton will put the safety of Americans at risk to fulfill her own global agenda. We have seen that with our own eyes in Benghazi.

Trump lacks humillty

The other choice Donald Trump makes outrageous statements concerning almost anything at any time. Humility is not a word anyone will ever use to describe Donald Trump. The media seems to have made their choice, and NBC holding onto the video like it did seems to be very suspicious.

The Washington Post actually broke the story when the video was leaked to them, after that NBC released the original.

Trump can learn

Taking it all into totality Donald Trump is still getting my endorsement for President. Bullying braggers can be dealt with. Especially ones that are true patriots like Trump is. Say what you want about him, but he is indisputably America First. Trump can and will learn to be a better man, successful people learn from the mistakes they make, and they do change with knowledge.

Clinton cannot be trusted

Clinton however cannot be trusted. Over and over she has been exposed for lying, but continued. Those around her have also been caught lying, covering up, and performing criminal activity. Clinton does not by her own words want to be President of the United States, she wants a hemispheric open border community, and that is not America. Once a liar always a liar, especially if that liar is pathological, and Clinton has the symptoms of being pathological.