What do Donald Trump and Michael Moore have in common? Is this a joke? That's what everyone's wondering about notoriously liberal anti-fat cat Moore's film. "Michael Moore in Trumpland" is ostensibly pro-Trump. At least the Republican presidential hopeful hopes it is and Moore hasn't denied it. So this documentary is politically ambiguous, but one thing is clear: brothers Trump and Moore share weight problems of one kind or another.

Moore and Donald Trump BFFs?

In his quixotic film, Moore says that if the GOP nominee makes it to POTUS, it will be the biggest f--- the U.S.

has ever loved. Is the bombastic filmmaker saying that President Trump will rape Americans? But then, Mike predicts that America will enjoy being taken advantage of. He then vaguely suggests that folks in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania will come to regret voting Republican. If that's support, it's rather backhanded, but desperate Trump's taking it.

Moore has actively tried to lose weight before. He checked into aweight loss clinic and shared how he managed to tone down. But pictures show he's still morbidly overweight.

Trump's had weight problems too. He pooh-poohed them saying he could stand to lose a few pounds. But his BMI (body mass index) puts him at just shy of obesity. Those "few pounds" are probably more like 40-50.

What does weight have to do with Donald Trump and Michael Moore?

Literally, probably nothing. Metaphorically, it's ironic to say the least. An obese president will likely have or get health problems.

A corpulent labor activist decrying corporate greed begs mockery. But is this just fat-shaming--he can't help being avoirdupois, right? It would be if Moore was also poor. being born in one of the most economically ravaged cities--Flint, Michigan (or a burb of that)--gave Michael a good look at a bad economy. But Moore's estimated worth is $50 million, give or take. Many say this makes his a bird's-eye view from an ivory tower.

Is Moore a hypocrite--more capitalist and less proletariat? Trump claims he can make America great--by taking things away. Can big money be the voice of the little guy? Maybe instead of telling everyone else to tighten their belts or trim the fat, both Trump and Moore should realize that weight loss begins at home.

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