#Donald Trump is showing his Presidential skills to those who are really watching while trying to determine whether Trump or his opponent #Hillary Clinton is the person to lead this country going forward. Trump is challenging the Clinton Machine almost single- handedly. Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton, and most of the mainstream media are all campaigning for Clinton on a daily basis.

Trump and his Vice-President nominee, along with a few others are basically going it alone. The media has gone out of its way to cover anything negative about Trump, but when it comes to Clinton they spend more time questioning the source of the information rather than covering the information itself.

During any previous election for President, the amount of information that WikiLeaks has dumped in the press' lap would have caused the attempt by one network to scoop another, providing a daily news event.

How far will Clinton go?

The Democratic Party is a well-oiled machine. Trump is learning on the job just how far the Democrats and Hillary Clinton will go to win the White House. While being a great businessman that excels in negotiating good deals, Trump needs to realize nobody is negotiating when it comes to political elections doing whatever it takes to win.

After winning, most, if not all politicians do negotiate, but more for news coverage than for the good of the citizens they represent. Obama Care is a perfect example of this. When was the last time you heard a reporter ask Nancy Pelosi if she wishes she had read the bill now after the damage to medical care in this country? Being covered by some poorly done law does not provide adequate care for so many, but the media has given the Democrats a pass on this topic.

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Podesta uses everybody

Clinton and her staff, especially John Podesta seems to speak poorly of Catholics, Christians, blacks, Hispanics, anything resembling a Republican throughout the email chain. With each new email dump we find out even more information that Clinton says in private but says the exact opposite to voters. Even though it is politics the truth should be paramount, with Clinton you have to wait for an email to find out if what she told you is true.

Trump, like most voters, probably went into this election thinking the truth would win out. While going so much further than anyone gave him a chance to go Trump clearly was not a politician, and in the game of politics he just was not prepared for what he would encounter the further he went. Trump needs to go back to his business roots, and close this deal.