Facepalm! #Donald Trump Jr. had some advice for career women and here it is. Ladies, you need expect workplace sexual harassment as just part of your job description and if you don't like it, quit working. Or you could teach kindergarten. Yes he did say that--are your toes curling? HuffPo recently unearthed Trump's kid's misogynist comments from a 2013 interview. They couldn't have been timed better as sexual misconduct allegations mount against his GOP presidential nominee dad Donald Trump.  

Trump tells women to suck up to sexual harassment

Trump Jr. said in an interview: “If you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce.

You should go maybe teach kindergarten. You can’t be negotiating billion-dollar deals if you can’t handle, like, you know." What, Don, what should women handle? Say it--groping, pinching, lewd comments, bullying, quickies behind the water cooler, sexual favors? All in a day's work? Not bloody likely, buddy. 

Trump's kid can't talk or think straight

Good grief, Trump is even more inarticulate than Sarah Palin if that were possible. Did you note the backpeddling, double speak and logical fallacies? Evidently #harassment should be so common it's basic workplace etiquette and as much to be expected as toilet paper in the washroom. Yet this basic stuff has become a problem, he says. So Trump does recognize it's an issue, but for whom? Who are the victims--people who experience sexual harassment, the poor perpetrators who get punished, the beleaguered employers who have to deal with their complaints? 

What's with the kindergarten crack?

Trump's comments were quoted verbatim to demonstrate his inability to grasp simple workplace protocol but also his lack of rudimentary communication skills.

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Who's the one who needs to go back to kindergarten? And why would he think that teaching is immune to harassment? He appears to suggest that teaching isn't a real job and that women who complain are being childish. Not everyone is so desperate for attention as Mr. Trump seems to be, that they'd settle for a break room grope. And whether you like it or not, gender discrimination--sexual or not--is illegal. So you suck it up, buttercup.  

Trump speaks from experience?

Just what does Donald Trump do for a living that he can be so flippant about employment? Oh, right, he's the straw boss of daddy's Trump Organization. Yeah, lot's of stress in that job, for sure. As supervisor, he's the one responsible for the hostile work environment where women can, do, and should get harassed. Maybe, like father like son, Trump has a little firsthand experience and that's how he can speak so authoritatively. Well for the rest of the 99%, jobs aren't so easy to come by. Most people can't afford to cast off employment so easily. So women do, sadly, often just put up and shut up. Pretty sure President Hilary Clinton will deal with this kind of nonsense tout suite.  #Hillary Clinton