This Presidential Election has been one for the ages. Seventeen Republicans started out seeking the nomination all with different personalities and ideas on how to fix the country's problems. One by one they withdrew either due to limited support leaving them with no chance of securing the nomination, or when they simply ran out of money.

In the end only #Donald Trump was left standing to accept the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Trump was one of the few candidates that was not a politician when the primaries started. The billionaire businessman connected with a large part of the country by being upset with the business as usual, get nothing done atmosphere of Washington.

Sanders folded like cheap tent

On the Democrat side there were only two real candidates. #Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spent much of the primary process basically speaking only to their own base of supporters, spending much of the time attacking Donald Trump. Sanders occasionally would focus on Clinton but in the end the Democratic National Committee made sure Clinton would win the nomination, and she did when Sanders folded like a cheap tent at the Democrat Convention much to the amazement of his supporters.

Scandal after scandal exposed Clinton and the Democrats for what they really are, power hungry self-satisfying monsters that prey on the poor and most needy Americans. The more these monsters can have people depend on the government, the longer they can stay in power. Throughout history this is how tyrants have continued to control the masses with dependency and fear of change.

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Trump brings change to Washington

Trump on the other hand represents change in Washington, leading in some polls, and that scares the elites more than anything else. Trump winning the White House would open the eyes of others who would stand up and challenge the status quo. Lifelong politicians would soon find themselves in situations similar to Clinton, with people standing up challenging them for jobs where success has no bearing on longevity.

Clinton has been exposed as a corrupt liar who only cares about herself, and how things benefit her financially. Not providing a product or service Bill and Hillary Clinton have amassed a fortune of $200 million all under the farce of caring about others. The people of Haiti and Africa can attest that this is simply not true.

Trickle-down voter-nomics

The American citizens need Trump to win this election. Obviously we as a nation cannot continue down the liberal road of ruin that the current administration has taken us down. We are a divided debtor nation that can return to the greatness of days gone by, but only if Trump wins come November.