#Donald Trump is the man of the moment. The real estate magnate stormed every poll, made himself the Republican nominee for the Presidency and keeps fighting hard with Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, voters and citizens suspicious of populist atitudes were appalled for his rising and continuous political success during this campaign.

The Republican is debated not only in America but all around the world. Everywhere, people from every nation think, and debate with others, for which American presidential candidate would they vote; lately the United States are assuming that Russia's president Vladimir Putin is actively trying to do that.

Find out some of the best Donald Trump memes that we could find around social networks. This list goes from political and personal accusations to simple mocking of the Republican candidate, but they all were produced and shared by Trump's critics. Take a look.

Memes about (il)literacy and Star Wars

This meme offers graphic representations of the quality of each candidate's ideas and discourse.

The next meme is one example of simple mocking: Trump is compared to Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt.

The Wheel of Fortune and Putin's role

As we write this, the 2005 video tape leaked by Washington Post a few days ago seems to be a turning point in Trump's presidential campaign, as a large number of Republican supporters are about to leave him - and even his wife condemned the languaged he used.

Top Videos of the Day

If you're aware of what Trump said on that tape, you will answer this Wheel of Fortune word puzzle easily.

This one strikes at the ties that seem to connect Trump's campaign and Russia's interests, placing Russian president Vladimir Putin as his "vice-president".

The Oatmeal gave a quick advice on "how to Trump". If we turn the Republican candidate surname into a verb, in Oatmeal's point of view, we could say that it means something like "to say very simple ideas, in a scary and emphatic way, in order to mobilize an audience through fear and hate." 

How to Trump, cinema, and hair

The following meme takes you "Back to the Future", as only time travel could give a definitive and clean solution to this "problem": a condom.

Finally, Trump's hair.

This shouldn't be much of a topic, but, for many, the haircut is even more famous and maverick than the candidate himself.