Big media’s smear machine has kicked into high gear with only one goal, destroy Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, ensuring neither gets 270 electoral votes.Big media and the party elite devised a plan that would toss the election to the GOP controlled House to choose the president. Waiting in the wings is Evan McMullin an ex-CIA agent, Goldman Sachs banker and Paul Ryan’s budget guru.

Campaigns destroyed from within

Clinton and Trump’s campaigns have been infiltrated with party elites who are sabotaging their respective campaigns.

New York Times reporters Susanne Craig and David Barstow revealed on This Week, someone from the Trump organization placed an envelope containing Trump’s 26 year-old tax return in Craig’s mailbox. The illegal documents have now been published by the Times and the “bombshell” was the headliner on all the Sunday morning talk shows.

The revelations have had little effect on Trump’s popularity. Trump blew away his competition in the primary because he won the support of working people.

Matt Taibbi best described the Trump phenomena, “The new Republicans would no longer be the party of "business and the privileged," but the protector of a disenfranchised working class. This was unplanned. If it happens, it'll be a change that takes place not because conservative leaders ever wanted it, but because voters demanded it.”

Small businesses do not create jobs

For fifty years we have been told small businesses create jobs and if we just give tax breaks to the mega-corporations and small businesses great jobs will be created.

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It’s a red herring, the real job creators are “new businesses.”The number one thing that stops the unemployed from starting their own business is healthcare. There is only one solution, Medicare for all.

The health care solution

Medicare for seniors is not free, over $100 dollars monthly is deducted from SS benefits to pay for Medicare. In addition seniors are required to carry a supplemental plan and Medicare part D.

If Medicare were available to everyone in the nation, Obama Care, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid could be eliminated. Healthcare would become a public utility, freeing employers from the yoke of providing the costly benefits for their employees.

Public education solution

Public education needs to be restored. Wall Street profit-driven charter schools destroy communities.

Fathullah Gülen, who is the subject of an FBI investigation, owns the largest charter school network in the US, all of which are fully funded by US taxpayers. Gülen is the largest recipient of H1B visas, employing Turkish teachers in his 120 charters. Time to end for-profit charters.

Banking as a publicutility

The testimony of Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf revealed the business model of banks is fraud. It is time to make banking a public utility that serves the community in which they conduct business. The banks have proven they have no desire to obey the laws, and it’s time to end “too big to fail” and restore law and order.

Voters want change

The worst thing Trump could do is to run on the failed fifty year GOP platform. He needs to go back to running as a champion for working people and ignore the muck thrown at him. Hillary needs a major course correction and to drop the politics of personal destruction. If they don’t, neither candidate will reach 270 electoral votes and the Ryan-led House will install Evan McMullin as President. We can’t let that happen.

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