#Donald Trump, the Republican Party leader and Presidential candidate had many people in media engaged with his live Tweets during the Vice Presidential debate. The incumbent Republican party leader is well know for his Twitter addiction. During Saturday Night Live's version of the Presidential Debate Alec Baldwin, who was playing the part of Mr Trump, joked about Mr. Trump Tweeting during the wee hours of the night from his bathroom - meaning senseless tweets just to kill time perhaps. 

The tech-savvy Trump

Donald Trump is being accused of hijacking the live VP debate with his tweets about his rival Democratic Party leader and Presidential candidate #Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine.

David Horsey of LA Times stated that monitoring the tech-savvy Trump's comments during the live debate "seemed as important as following the action on the debate stage." Mr. Horsey had fears of Mr. Trump "self-sabotaging" his reputation again."  

Donald Trump's tweets 

"Wow, Kaine couldn't go 12 seconds without a lie," tweeted Donald Trump. "Kaine looks like an evil crook out of the Batman movies," claimed Mr Trump in another tweet. 

After the Vice Presidential ended Mr. Trump announced his running mate as the "winner" and that TIm Kaine "shouldn't have been allowed" to "interrupt constantly." The following is the tweet from 05 October, 2016. 

Meanwhile GOP news

Meanwhile news of the GOP announcing its VP candidate Mike Pence as having won the VP debate 'already' started trending.

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The Washington Post shared one of its blog - "The GOP declares debate victory for Mike Pence, 90 minutes before it starts"- on Facebook with a comment "According to the GOP we already have a debate winner."

The publisher 'congratulated' Mike Pence, who running for the Republican vice-presidential candidate during the US #Election 2016, on having won the VP debate from Tim Kaine "despite it not having happened yet." 

"Our sincere congratulations to the Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence, who, according to the Republican Party, has emerged victorious in the solo vice-presidential debate of 2016, despite it not having happened yet," stated "The Washington Post" online.