Campaign commercials insulting

Hillary Clinton's campaign commercials that use women or girls, to relay that Donald Trump is not the president for our daughters, is insulting to this writer. Being a female that considers herself as strong and independent, I find #Hillary Clinton's use of words that Donald Trump had supposedly said about women, as a way to persuade the female population in this country to vote for her is saying women are not independent and need to vote for Hillary Clinton for president, because of her sex. I believe the start of the Feminist movement was to free both sexes to use their own minds and wills, and voting for Hillary because she is not a man, is just as sexist as Trump's words on girls.

This is reverse sexism. Hillary using the women card to increase her votes especially among women is not only sexist, but degrading to strong independent females, who have worked hard to change things for themselves and others. The first female president is a mark in history, but Hillary is not that person. Personally, this writer feels that the government in their attempts to keep things going the way they are, will ensure she is elected and are pushing the first feminine president in the face of everyone in America to ensure votes for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has lied to the American public

This election has made a mockery of this country, and this writer believes it has also made a mockery of anyone of the female persuasion. This writer also believes this election has set back the Feminist movement.

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In addition, the first woman president should stand up and say proudly, "Yes I am a woman, but I have worked hard to get to this place." Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and should be put in jail. Hillary Clinton is just hiding behind the skirts of the women’s movement rather than admitting to the American public that this is a race where women win, and women lose just like men.  Furthermore, if Trump is not the president for our daughters, is Clinton the president for our sons? #Election 2016