Addiction is a critical issue

Addiction is an inescapable problem in the United States. Some men and women are powerless to this brain disease. Families break, inevitable prison sentences, countless mistakes and traumatic experiences are ordinary realities for millions of addicts. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate #Hillary Clinton disagree with their respective opponent, but they cannot deny the hardened opposition: drugs. Despite their disagreements and political agendas, Trump and Clinton need to find a common ground and work together to prevent and treat addiction and alcoholism. This is one issue that they cannot ignore.

The trial balloons of Clinton and Trump

Trump thinks this burgeoning pandemic is a "tremendous problem," and Clinton states that it is a "quiet epidemic." Opiates are designed to curb pain, but these pills create more damage than repair. Because these painkillers are so expensive, heroin is a cheaper and effective resort. According to the "World's Drug Report 2016," in 2014, an estimation of 1 million users are heroin addicts. The numbers will continue to grow unless the next president effectuates a comprehensive, considerate plan. Clinton and Trump have very different approaches. 

Lives are at risk

Clinton desires to spend $10 billion on addiction prevention, endorses overdose medications, reduce prescribed opioids, and finance treatment facilities. Trump demands a wall, and a vague "spend the money" solution to assuage an addicts' cravings and withdrawals.

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The Clinton proposal is definite and specific, but the Trump proposal lacks detail and explanation. Politics aside, the next president will need to have a concrete plan to help addicts and their families. Clinton cannot undermine or forget the problematic issue, and Trump cannot blab nonsense. Whether you identify with Democrats or Republicans, think about the candidates and their ideas. Consider the outcome that either Trump or Clinton could enforce. Do you believe either person is capable of this demanding job? Whether you're with her or him, make sure to vote on Tuesday, November 8th. The next four years are at stake.  #Donald Trump #Democrats vs Republicans