Executive editor Andy Crouch’s ‘Evangelicals, of all people, should not be silent about #Donald Trump’s blatant immorality’ speaks volumes. The magazine, which was founded by famed evangelist Billy Graham over 50 years ago, does not endorse candidates. However, Crouch felt compelled to write: “Just because we are neutral, however, does not mean we are indifferent. We are especially not indifferent when the Gospel is at stake. The Gospel is of infinitely greater importance than any campaign.” Even since the release of the video capturing Trump’s vulgar comments, very few conservative evangelicals have criticized the behavior of a then 69-year-old man.

According to recent Pew Research polls, Trump still maintains roughly 70 percent support from white evangelicals.

Crouch pointed out that Trump being an unrepentant idolater should have been clear to everyone. The editor recalls the story of Paul wherein the apostle urges the Colossians to rid themselves of sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry (3:5). Crouch does not go easy on Trump supporters either, including Billy Graham’s son Franklin who uses the example of how God chose flawed men to accomplish His will, therefore evangelicals should overlook Trump’s personal morality. Did God also use men to stoke strife for the benefit of man’s own ego? Did God pick men who did not ask Him for forgiveness? In conclusion, Crouch wrote: “He (Trump) is the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool.”

A call for the body of Christ to wake up

James MacDonald, a member of Trump’s religious advisory board and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel is calling the nominee lecherous and worthless.

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MacDonald said Trump’s “locker room” banter should not be dismissed as off color or sophomoric. They reveal his character. The pastor, who has been married for 33 years, and has one daughter and two daughters-in-law says he can no longer offer his time without seeing an obvious direction towards repentance from Donald Trump. He cannot offer help to a man who dismisses his behavior as a minor error. Others in the group are equally concerned and back in February ‘The Christian Post’ wrote an equally scathing editorial.

So what is the appeal?

Any true believer knows what the Bible says and commands of us. But this election, for a lot of people including evangelicals, is largely fueled by one issue: the next Supreme Court Justice. While this is indeed important, Christians cannot lose sight of the overall picture and be discerning. Yes, the pickings are slim. Neither nominee is viewed as overwhelmingly favorable. But non-believers are watching and wondering why would evangelicals support a candidate who instigates strife and violence, makes up stuff constantly that is easily proven, has a long history of conning people, accused of sexual assault himself and talks as if the role of commander-in-chief is likened to a CEO who can fire, jail or deport anyone he pleases single-handedly? Do you really trust his selection for the Supreme Court and know for sure the nomination will be approved? For Americans who claim to cherish freedom, why would we want to subject ourselves to dictatorship? Even non-believers recognize a heart matter.

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