We all thought it wasn't possible. With nearly a month left, Election 2016 has reached an even lower point. Apparently, voters are faced with a choice between serial dishonesty and serial obnoxiousness with a hint of sexual misconduct. There is no need to elaborate on the offences in question because that service has been performed ad nauseum by the press. So, what should a conscientious, values-oriented voter do: vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Democrats deny that dishonesty matters

Democrats are incredulous that anyone would think that there is any decision to be made. They are cajoling Republicans to follow the lead of Bernie Sanders' followers and come blindly on board.

They should just ignore all known instances of blatant dishonesty, among any other reservations they may harbor. After all, possible sexual assault “trumps” years and years of unethical and possibly illegal behavior, right?

Establishment Republicans have all but conceded Election 2016

Establishment Republicans have long warned us against throwing our vote away on a long-shot candidate. We have heard others scolded about voting third party and taking votes away from the establishment candidate, insuring a Democrat victory. Interestingly, in this upside-down, crazy Election 2016, establishment Republicans have led the exodus away from the Republican candidate. Many even endorsed the opponent early in the campaign, citing the value of years of experience despite years of scandals. Of the 35-plus Republican leaders who recently un-endorsed Trump, some have mentioned using a write-in vote.

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It seems, though, that no one really knows the applicable laws at this late hour in the election process.

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows

The conservative right-wing continues to support the GOP ticket despite the recent shocking disclosures about the candidate. Tea party types and most evangelicals are arguing for Trump on social media more strongly than ever. They are frantically trying to impress upon people that bailing on the GOP ticket will bring on a “Hillary World Order” which would be the end of America as we know it. My vote is my vote

One person -- one vote has long been a pillar of our government’s election process, with voting for women added later, thanks to the efforts of some brave and persistent women. The curtains closed on those voting machines for a reason. My vote is my vote. I no longer feel any compelling reason to vote as part of a block of people, and I will probably do a write-in vote indeed.

What is that smell?

The most dangerous scenario hanging over this country in Election 2016 is not any of the issues on which the two parties grapple.

One of these flawed candidates will probably be elected, barring anything catastrophic. It is not their policies which will be enacted that will bring down our country. We will likely topple for the same reason that the Roman Empire collapsed: moral decay is our worst enemy! We are rotting from the inside-out.

So, I guess, all bets are off?

If the character of the highest leader of our land doesn't matter, what are we saying to our children? And, yes, they are listening. They understand more than you think, and you can be assured that they know that horrid “f-word” when they hear it. As their parents scurry to publicly defend this brazenly godless behavior, what must they think? Does a person’s character really not matter anymore?

These children will one day be running the country, and that is what you should fear the most. Vote for whomever you want when you close the curtain, but be sure you are not defending the indefensible in front of your children or others who may be negatively impacted by your stance. Character will eventually count.