When the news broke that Hillary Clinton was recruiting #Al Gore to try to whip up enthusiasm among Millennials, the mockery came fast and furious. Gore was last youthful when he ran for president the first time in 1988. He is now a wizened old man ranting about global warming while flying around in private jets and living in a home with a carbon footprint of a small developing country. “South Park” even lampooned him as a crank yelling about the threat posed by “ManBearPig.”

Jonah Goldberg is not so sure. He points out in National Review that young people are not ageist about the people whom they have enthusiasm for, as the venerable old socialist Bernie Sanders can attest to.

Besides, too many millennials are convinced that global warming is going to kill us all if something is not done.

Still, surrogates rarely make an unlikeable candidate more likable. Sanders, who has bent the knee to the Borg Queen, has not been able to stir much enthusiasm among his acolytes for his former opponent. Gore, who is far more plodding on the stump than Sanders, is not likely to have much more success.

It’s not, as Goldberg notes, 18 to 30-year-olds are flocking to Donald Trump. They don’t like Hillary because they have pegged her correctly as an inauthentic, corrupt tool. Those who are not voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are likely to stay home. Young people flocked to Barack Obama in droves, but he proved to be a poor messiah. Clinton was untactful about her assessment of millennials as economically oppressed losers who are obsessed with political revolution.

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But some truth resided in her words. Only now young people have learned that time-honored truth to put not their trust in princes. They may just sit #Election 2016 out.

Just like the baby boomers before them, the Millennials will grow up. Whenever the economy turns for the better, they will get jobs, start families, and, in the fullness of time, leave silly political enthusiasms behind. They will wind up musing how young and foolish they were while starting to complain about the generation that follows them.

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