It looks like Hillary Clinton's ace in the hole has turned out to be her greatest liability! Folks are scratching their heads today and wondering why Bill Clinton seems to be secretly pulling for Donald Trump after sharing his latest thoughts on Obama Care. This is a healthcare program that Hillary has taken pride in since it was pushed on the American people, but Bill is calling it a failure. So why is Bill seemingly sabotaging his wife's campaign? Is he a loving husband who knows his wife's health can't take 4-years in the White House, or is it that Bill doesn't want to move and travel in Washington circles again?

Obama Care 'crazy system'

So what does Bill think of the health care system Obama and his wife Hillary Clinton put in place? It is one "crazy system," which is what Bill Clinton said while campaigning for Hillary in Michigan on Monday.

He put his foot in his mouth once again when saying that Obama Care "doesn't make any sense."

Health care system under Obama a fail 

While talking to the folks in Flint, Michigan, a city that has seen more of its fair share of problems, he told the crowd how this system did nothing more than double their premiums while cutting their coverage in half. When all was said and done he single-handedly condemned Obama Care better than Trump's entire campaign team ever did! Go-Bill!  According to Fox News, the Republican Party jumped on Bill's speech and has been running the videos, which can be seen below in YouTube clips.

To be fair to Mr. Clinton, Americans don't need him to tell them just how bad Obama Care turned out, but it was nice to see him not only contradict Obama but his wife as well! He talked about the criteria for Obama Care and how folks of modest means may benefit, but the working class is getting slammed.

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Bill Clinton lambastes president's health care

He addressed the vast majority of the people who earn just tad over the wage eligibility to get any of the subsidies for this insurance and because of this individuals and small businesses are "getting killed in this deal." Bill Clinton's speech was quickly turned into an ad-like clip for Donald Trump's side!

Bill Clinton star of Trump ads?

Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall at Bill and Hillary's house today? Can you imagine the chit chat they are having over coffee this morning? What do you think Hillary is saying to her husband after he told the nation that the model for insurance concocted by the Obama administration doesn't work? Is Hillary Clinton making one of those famous angry faces of hers while screaming at Bill Clinton and asking him why he picked today of all times to start telling the truth?

Check out another clip below that the Republican Party jumped on. This is a big plus for Trump and a bombshell for Hillary! Bill is contradicting Hillary and saying what Trump has been saying all along. This makes a great clip to use as a campaign ad for Donald Trump!