Bernie Sanders supporters do you feel like you have been played? Sanders promised free college along with free health care during the Democratic primaries and many of you embraced him. Your hard earned money was donated to a cause you truly believed in. Large crowds of you turned out to hear Sanders make promises that would never come to fruition even if he had won the nomination followed by the White House.

Sanders knew from the beginning he would never win the nomination over Hillary Clinton. Those in power would never let that happen, and Sanders knew that. He preyed on you like Bill Clinton preying on a 21-year-old intern in the oval office.

The only thing missing was a cigar and a blue dress. Clinton himself would be proud of the Sanders scam, and quite possibly the former President was involved or at least signed off on the entire scam.

Sanders rolled over at convention

When the Democratic convention rolled around in Cleveland, Sanders himself rolled over and let Hillary Clinton have her way with him. I guess taking advantage of the meek just runs in the Clinton family, and make no mistake, Sanders went meekly on his way. Now Sanders can go back to being a known for nothing Senator from a small state disguising himself as an independent when he is really just a Clinton crony.

He turned his back on those who supported him, but he did have several months of vacationing all around the country on your money.

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In early August of this year Sanders bought a $600,000 home 500 feet from the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. This summer home is the third home Sanders owns, and that is pretty impressive for someone who only makes $174,000 per year for being a Senator.

Trump supporters deplorable

Hillary Clinton not long ago called Donald Trump supporters deplorable. That is kind of defensible while at the same time being un-presidential. Those people oppose her. Trump supporters would never support Clinton, she knows that so there was nothing to lose by saying they were deplorable. Clinton never gave a second thought about convincing Trump supporters to support her instead so insulting them did not matter.

Clinton did however need the Sanders supporters to join her come November in order to win the election. Sanders has been joining Clinton, campaigning for her. Now that a disparaging video complete with audio of Clinton at a fund-raising event talking about the illusions of Sanders supporters, you would think Sanders would stop, but he won’t.

Sanders was in on fix

Sanders throughout the California primaries complained about the system being rigged, and it was, but Bernie was in on the fix while he spent your money. Looking back Sanders was never the solution, but he was and still is part of the problem. Sanders has been in Washington for decades just like Clinton, and they both need to be sent home.

Sanders supporters may not like everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth but at least he is not a Washington insider like Clinton or Sanders. Trump won’t give you free college or free healthcare, because nothing is really free. Trump will not stab you in the back like Bernie did, and he will not cast you aside like Clinton did either.

Possibly most importantly, Trump does not need your donations to buy a third house by the lake. Clinton and Sanders have made it clear by their actions they are in this only for the money along with personal gain. It is not too late for you to really matter by supporting Donald Trump for President because he actually does care about your future.