#Donald Trump must be the most reviled politician in the country as made out by the mainline press and many individuals as well. There is a near hysteria about him and one wonders what is the problem. The fact is this hysteria is built up against Donald as there is a lurking fear that many Americans endorse his views, however, distasteful they may be. They tried to stop his nomination and now the attempt is to ensure he is defeated, so a near hysterical approach to tarnish the image of the man who is a threat to the establishment. It does not matter that his opponent Hillary is a liar and a person with doubtful credentials, yet defeating Donald has now become priority number 1.

Stopping Donald

A look around will show that opponents of Donald starting with Mitt Romney (he himself was trounced by Obama) and the press have all ganged up against Donald. They fear a win and so his past record is being combed and old tales and videos were taken out to show that Donald is a man unfit to be president. The New York Times has come out with a story as old as 30 years that 2 women have stated Donald touched them improperly. That's a long time and Donald was a billionaire and these women could have sued Donald decades back for money at least. Why now? Obviously, all this is orchestrated like the videos 11 years back about his comments on women. In any case, the NYT has endorsed Hillary and all that it writes is to be dismissed.

Last word

I have been observing the election campaign with interest and it reminds me of a similar campaign by Man Mohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi to throw mud on the shirt of Narendra Modi by painting him as a murderer and a man unfit to be prime minister.

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They feared a Modi victory and despite all their campaigns, Modi won. Can something similar happen in the USA? Donald is being castigated as a man who is unfit to be president. Just see the leaders from Paul Ryan to Kasich and one can see an undercurrent of fear of a Donald win. Hence desperate measures to stop Donald. #Election 2016