The world has many analogies and none suits Donald Trump more than the analogy of a tale from the Bible. As is well known, Samson was a mighty warrior, whose strength lay in his hair. He was lured into a love affair with a woman who, after a ferocious bout of lovemaking cut the hair of Samson. The result? Samson was captured and blinded and imprisoned. Subsequently, his hair grew again and he got back his strength and wreaked a terrible vengeance when he destroyed the temple of his enemies killing all of them.

The analogy with Samson

Donald also was doing pretty well until his opponents looked for ways to defeat him and broadcast a locker room innocuous conversation where he boasted of his prowess over women.

This was the cue and like an avalanche women suddenly materialized from thin air who claimed Donald had behaved inappropriately with them. Some of the so-called cases were years old. Many women screamed that he had no respect for women and was thus unfit to be president. Another Miss World came forward with lurid details of Donald's entry into the women's changing room. All the media focussed on Donald and women and one can't help feeling that like Samson his weakness for women has been his nemesis. This was the chance and many in the GOP always wanting a defeat for Donald got a good excuse to withdraw endorsement for Donald. Samson could only be trapped by a woman and Donald also seems to have fallen into a similar trap.

The ending

The second part of the Biblical tale is simply ferocious as Samson wreaks a terrible vengeance.

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One wonders whether a similar ending can be forecast for this election campaign. Samson destroyed the temple of his enemies, though he perished himself.

Last word

Donald has already mentioned that the election is rigged in Hillary's favor and has hinted that he will not accept the verdict. We must accept the fact that Donald has the support of at least 40% of the electorate and though trailing Hillary by 5/6 points, does not mean that he is a man bereft of support. His defeat which he will not recognize and along with his supporters could usher in extreme instability. Especially as the likely winner who is propped up by the 4th estate is no knight in shining armor. Her conduct is reprehensible on many issues like the Clinton foundation and the email scandal, not forgetting the condoning of the numerous affairs of her husband Bill Clinton, who even used the oval office as a love tryst.