Many years ago I went shopping on Black Friday; the stores opened at the early hour of 7:00 Am. Even then when the deals were nothing like they are now, there was a frenzied like behavior exhibited by the majority of the shoppers. I was 13 years old and HATED it. I said I would never go again. Well, I did go again when I was in my 20's and the frenzy was even worse because people were all rushing for the "it" toy of the year. Imagine mothers basically playing tug a war with the much hyped Cabbage Patch doll,the creepy Teddy Rupskin reading bear, (seriously he looks like he is on something), or the ever annoying Tamagotchi.

Manufacturers fed the frenzy, with limited amounts in production, and kids were begging and pleading that they had to have it.

And the search is on no matter what it costs.

Parents would turn to Ebaywhereenterprising sellers were selling them for double, triple or more of the retail price. I will admit freely that I went the paying higher than retail route for Dora Knows my name, I have since lost the CDto program Chloe, and so her main phrase is still "Happy BirChloe."

The fight is on for the door buster!

I have friends that meticulously plan their Black Friday shopping strategy, with so much thought and detail, they could be part of the military.

And now that retailers have decided that Friday is simply not enough, they have stolen Thanksgiving from their employees and us, with doorbusters only available on that day. I have resisted going with my friends many times. I gave into temptation, as listed over a 50-inch flat screen TV for 200.00, and laptops under 200.00, never ever again. I did not get any of the items I wanted, I did not know to arrive 6 hours prior to stand by the display with my hand on the TV I wanted, the laptops sold out in 10 minutes, I did see some bargains along the way, a really cute throw and pillow on sale for 5.00, I got the last one, I turned around to look at something else, turned back to see some lady running off with my pillow and throw.

Right then and there I decided to leave, nothing they had on sale was worth life in prison. And that is where that was headed, I had been struck with shopping rage, induced by rude, aggressive, and mean shoppers, willing to steal from your cart and shove each other out of the way.

Sadness and tragedy.

The real sad thing is how many get injured and even die from being trampled, all in the name of a gift or the Holidays. Ironic since a dove with an olive branch, the symbol of peace is widely used during Christmas.

I for one choose to stay home that day and be with my daughter eating leftover turkey and pumpkin pie.

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