Talented actor, colorful character

"American Horror Story" is one of my favorite television series. Visceral emotion, gore, and unfettered images swirl in the minds of viewers, and leave their imagination in grisly print. Not only is this show a paragon of terror, but social issuessuch as:racial tension, mental illness and sexual orientation are like basic watercolors to this program's design. Scenes broadcast these important topics in subtle depictions, and the same issues that streak history are relevant problems of the present.

Evan Peters plays Edward PhilippeMott, a homosexual beneficiary who loves his exorbitant portraits. Unfortunately, Kathy Bates' character "The Butcher" tortures Mott to death. Even though he lives among the dead now, his ghost appears to help save the two protagonists of this season.

On-camera actions with off-camera reactions

Evan Peters costumes in frenetic roles that brush societal abnormalities. His ability to act a variety of different personalities proves his talent as an actor and advocate.

The painting of men who struggle with certain issues like: homicidal thoughts, savior complex, infatuation, alcoholism, psychopathy, and social anxiety are real issues that Peters can portray. He has that gift to make the audience feel an array of emotions for his characters. When people feel, people change. Change lights that torch to guide two lost souls away from danger and into safety. Even though "American Horror Story" is a seasonal event that has splotches of melodrama, exaggeration, and hyperbolic sensation, the true beauty lies within the illustration.

Horror with a purpose

Media is a vital tool that many Americans use to shape their viewpoints, thoughts, and lifestyle. When the creators of this telecast Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk draw inspiration, they know to incorporate applicable footnotes that mark substantial footprints inAmerican livelihood. Whenpeople view their art, nickel-thrills and momentary scares come with the artwork. The metaphors of every season are the hidden sketches between the scenes of "American Horror Story."

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