The writing is on the wall. A series of calculated leaks about Trump inspired by the 4th estate and opponents of Donald in the GOP will ensure that Hillary will win the election. But will it be a good thing as many of her supporters are shouting from the rooftops? Many in America are apprehensive that a victory for Hillary may well spell the end of the USA as a world power. Shades of Gorbachev?

Hillary as president

Hillary will be the first woman who will be president of the USA. Apart from this plus point, there does not seem to be anything good happening. She is not the most popular choice and will probably win more by default as Donald Trump had too many enemies even in the Republican party that will be happy if he loses.

Hillary has been caught lying umpteen times and that is not a good augury for a future president. There is no doubt she is pro big business as the latest WikiLeaks show. She won't be able to shake off the big denizens of Wall Street and her policy has to placate them. That is bad for the economy.

The future?

Hillary as President will try to take the "legacy" of  the Obama Administration forward. What was the legacy? One will have to search for it. One can see that she got the Iran nuclear deal through and that is a setback for America. She, like Obama, has not been able to  identify the source of terror and that is again not good for America. The Benghazi cover-up cannot be forgotten. She claims she is a champion of women's rights, but her conduct in facilitating and condoning her husband, Bill Clinton's philandering strikes an ugly note.

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Last word

Lastly, her health is also suspect and she fainted once. This is not a happy sign for a person who has to hold the nuclear button and will be the Commander in Chief. #Hillary Clinton may well win, but for America, it could be a pyrrhic victory and maybe after all is over many Americans will feel that it was better to elect Donald. Especially when they see that America as a great power has slipped from its pedestal. #Election 2016