space renaissance's 2nd World Congress took place recently. The cultural astronautical humanist movement, founded by Adriano Autino and several aerospace experts, is active in Italy, US and other countries. Our exclusive interview for Blasting News is below.

Space Renaissance, in Italy and USA.

BN: Autino, a summary of the Space Renaissance Congress, last month?

Adriano Autino: The Congress was held from September 30th to October 2nd, via Skype.

Our objective is to update our analysis of the state of humanity, five years after the first world congress of 2011, and to set up our goals for 2020, when we will have our Third World Congress. Eight years after its foundation, Space Renaissance has clarified concepts in the space community, giving the science and technology community a safe place to discuss and promote ideas: an open minded philosophical discussion.

In the United States nowadays government leaders talk openly about “space renaissance, a new philosophy for space exploration."

To complete the Copernican Revolution, and to finally scrap the claustrophobic ideology of the closed world, we will have to reach outside of the space community, talking to ordinary people, not yet aware of the historic events that are occurring around them. The space renaissance picks upon the changes started 500 years, and it is fighting against the devastating global crisis that started in 2008.

It points strongly to outer space, a dimension in which a civilization holding eight billion people can find a way out. The final resolution of the conference launched the Space Renaissance Tour, that will spread the good news of civilian expansion into space, across the five continents, during the next four years.

After Elon Musk e Space X

BN: Autino, about space tourism, one of the flagships of your movement, what do you think about the Elon Musk’s pioneer projects, and President Obama ‘s announcement about having people on Mars by 2030?

Adriano Autino: Elon’s program to bring 100 explorer-tourists to Mars and the US president’s declaration are important to the goal of exciting the public, making them more supportive towards the renaissance. The lesson to be drawn from Musk’s genius has a decidedly evolutionary significance. For years, we have discussed in our symposia and congresses the need to reduce the cost of transportation to Earth orbit, including the development of fully reusable launchers.

The necessary step, to us, was a Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO) vehicle, a technology which is not available yet.

Elon Musk has shown that we don’t need to address whether or not we still need 2 stages to go into orbit, as long as we can bring them both back to the ground. That, together with disruptive technologies such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing, finally make it possible to overcome the old “expensive and complex” paradigm of space exploration conducted by trained military, in favor of a coherent civil expansion program in the geo-lunar space.

Space debris recovery, progressive relocation of industry and development of large urban habitats in Earth orbit and the Earth-Moon Lagrange points, use of near-Earth asteroids are now possible. The colonization of Mars will be an advanced milestone of such programs, one we can surely target for the 21st century.

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