The futurist Zoltan Istvan, leader of the transhumanist party and US Presidential candidate in 2016, analyzes the final challenge between Trump and Hillary Clinton and the future of Transhumanism. In recent months, Zoltan Istvan has been on tour in the USA, with a special camper to present the new part of the science and the futurist project. Our exclusive interview from Blasting News elaborates.

Science and Politics

BN:  Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?


A bad future for Usa, anyhow?

Zoltan Istva: There's a lot of negativity about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming president, but I think it's blown out of proportion by the media. Hillary will be a leader similar to Obama and Trump would shake things up in Washington, which might be good for the political system in America. Either way, I don't see a huge disruption to the American way of life.


Both candidates might be good for science and technology. Clinton will be open to it. Trump because he will want America to make money on it. The future is just not as bad as the pundits are saying.

In Italy (interviews "Blasting News" and "Meteo Web"), I said, “I would be willing to work in their administration as a science and technology advisor... Not many technology people are behind Trump and Hillary.

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Democratic Party

Peter Thiel is for Trump, but he's one of the few.”

The 'Transuhumanist Party' in the future

BN: The Transuhumanist Party is famous in Europe and Italy, now... His interviews are in Italian books ("Futurismo Renaissance", D editor, Rome, book by Pierfranco Bruni, writer of Mibact - Ministry of Cultural Heritage). In the future there will be a Science Party in Europe?

Zoltan Istvan: The Transhumanist Party has grown a lot all over the world, and many continents now have at least one party.

But whether it continues to grow has a lot to do with whether the word "transhumanism" continues to grow, especially in the media. Some people think a party named "Science Party" would do better.

However, the Transhumanist Party is now well established in the media and is the go-to party for radical science and technology. Either way, I'm sure there will be parties that are dedicated to science and technology in the future.


Futurismo Renaissance is a tribute to the future and technology from the New Italian Futurism.

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