The personal politics of sexual identity have taken center stage in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The news cycle has been deeply triggering to so many people and I cannot help but think inwardly that we are baring witnesses to the last gasps of the global paradigm of fear and control which has been labeled by so many as Patriarchy.

I first learned about the concept while studying at the University of Vermont. Across multiple areas of coursework in both my undergraduate and graduate degree programs, I found myself, as a young man, confronted with the notion that there is an immense inequity, imbalance and culture of violence which persists in so many sections of the globe.

Patriarchy has been described by many men and women. Though the term has been championed by many feminists, the implications of global patriarchy have many implications for compassionate men as well.

Unity as one stand together

Throughout my experience as a young man growing up, I have been forced to confront the fact that just about every woman I have ever known has endured some degree of sexual violence or trauma in her life. For as many of my friends and lovers that I have connected with around these subjects, I know full well many more indiscretions of micro and macro aggressions persisting as a natural element of so many people's daily existence. In essence, I believe that the paradigm of control known has patriarchy must end for the future elevation of global peace and international prosperity for all citizens in the world.

I do not advocate that sexual roles be reversed nor do I feel that many aspects of what are considered masculine need to be altered or changed in any way. What I do affirm however is the notion that it is the responsibility of all compassionate men in the world to embrace the idea that women are equal but furthermore that the ways of life that have brought us this far must fall away.

I truly believe that if we are to create a new world of peace and sustainability rooted in mutuality and reciprocity; it is essential that the sexes align together more harmoniously. The old ways must fall away. The historical traumas will not be erased over night, nonetheless, I truly believe that as we move into a more equitable and balanced society, many new discoveries will be made which will advance our achievement far beyond where we are now.

Men and women are both sacred and profound beings that offer unique insights and solutions.

It is essential that we affirm the notion that all oppressions are crimes against our society. We must celebrate the multiplicity of meaning the freedom for individuals to express themselves in relationships and communities as they wish without judgement. We must build coalitions of men and women that work together to solve the worlds problems. There is a great sickness in a society indeed when the spectre of sexual violence and structural oppression loom so heavily over so many people's hearts and minds.

Why is sexual violence in the center of U.S. politics

The time has come to create a new landscape of opportunity.

The time has come to dismantle rape culture and restore the sanctity of the bond between the sexes. We are one people. We must affirm the rights, liberties and opportunities of all our citizens. This is the way forward. This is the way to peace.

The time has come to end patriarchy and turn towards a new future of compassion and equality. New organizational frameworks are being developed and the command chain of days gone by is becoming a fossil like so many other elements of the past. Support love in your heart and embrace collaboration in your attempt to generate the changes you seek. Divided we fall, together, we rise!

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