More than a few people have described the 2016 Presidential race as one heck of a circus. Most notably, a huge number of voters say they are angry and feel betrayed by the establishment. They do not want another typical politician. So what makes a person who is totally inexperienced in government affairs sound so attractive?

This same appeal has happened before. In 1977, the nation elected Jimmy Carter, a Georgia governor and peanut farmer for POTUS. Our 33rd President was Harry S. Truman, a former clothing store owner. But back in 1928, there was also continuous clamor to place someone different, a businessman, in the White House and the people got one.

They got someone who they trusted and admired for his business savvy. They got Herbert Clark Hoover.

The Great Depression

During his presidential campaign, Herbert Hoover ran on the promise to bring continued peace and prosperity to the nation. The 2016 Republican candidate, #Donald Trump, promises to make America great again. Still, many could argue that America remains a great place to live. Otherwise, why the influx of immigrants to our country?

Trump vows to knock out #ISIS, whose ideology can be ingrained into the brain of any race, sex, or country. The New York mogul also says he will bring back jobs. Perhaps some of these jobs will be his own company’s outsourced positions.

In all fairness, President Hoover did inherit a country already on the verge of an historical economic collapse - the Great Depression.

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However, his denial about the breadth and depth of the crises helped to contribute to the nation's woes. Shortly after President Hoover took office, seven months later to be more precise, the stock market crashed. Banks and businesses failed and the suicide rate grew. People lost their jobs, money, and homes. Thousands of homeless people built shelters from whatever materials were available in shantytowns dubbed as Hooverville. Their meals came from soup kitchens. Notoriously stubborn, President Hoover basically implored upon citizens to be their brother's keepers instead of using the government resources at hand.

Could history repeat itself?

Unlike Donald Trump, it should be noted that Herbert Hoover did migrate into the government by serving as the U.S. Food Administrator from 1917-1918.  He also served as the Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge prior to his presidency.

No matter who becomes the next leader of the free world, there is always a chance of history being revisited. The question is, do we study and learn from our past? President Hoover obviously met certain qualifications when it came to holding a government office. Yet, he was viewed by many as cold, insensitive, and often called out as being an egomaniac and not really caring for the common man. Voting for someone to take over the highest office in the land is a serious undertaking. Dirty politics has no place in the polls. #Election 2016