There is a running tab on this one, but the short list includes voters being appalled by Trump's easily proven lies, turned off by the insults, and concern over his incredible narcissism. A huge number of voters do not see these as good qualities for a president who is to be respected. In fact, most compared them to that of someone running for president of the schoolyard gang leader association in "West Side Story."

This fascinating quandary is not limited to just American liberals and defected Republicans either. Foreigners living in other countries are absolutely puzzled by it all. As for Trump's narcissistic behavior, one has to wonder how he could function in the Oval Office, if elected, without the roar of crowded chant-filled rallies or the absence of daily polls.

A huge fan of the cameras, how often would he give State of the Union addresses?

The projection of Trump's projections

Aside from being irritated by the #GOP nominee's ability to get away with all the reasons mentioned above, there is that constant projecting. Whatever is said about him, he quickly turns around and says it about someone else as if we don't know any better. Perhaps this is what Trump is counting on. Nevertheless, projecting is what narcissists do. Since it is either too painful or too unflattering for them to face certain truths about themselves, they project it upon others. Has Trump been clinically diagnosed as having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Who knows. Do his supporters seem to care or show any awareness of what narcissism entails? No. And will surrogates constantly have to clean up or interpret everything Trump says, if elected?

The world is watching

Even with having the choice of voting for a Libertarian and a Green Party candidate, most voters are trying to narrow down their pick between what they consider the lesser of two evils.

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Trump has often said the world views America as a laughingstock, largely due to Obama's weakness. One thing is for sure. The world is shaking their heads at this presidential race and I wonder why. #Donald Trump #Election 2016