In Cuba: the trade embargo is lifted 

When the President of the United States Barack #Obama announced the end of the trade embargo ban on Cuba which was put in place by the late President John F. Kennedy over the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world saw the fashion industry and its icons form a runway on the country's streets. Everything that defines America was present there:from celebrities like Vin Diesel to Chanel's legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfield. Even the Rolling Stones played a gig before Chanel's fashion show in Havana, Cuba. BBC reported that Mick Jagger opened the show with the 1968 hit "Jumpin' Jack Flash" "Hello,Havana. Good evening, my people of Cuba", said the rock star Mick Jagger before opening the gig. 

New Cuba relations

The new US-Cuba relations means many things to many different people.

The moment the first US cruise ship carrying 700 passengers landed in Cuba was a moment to remember. The US cruise ship brought with it hope and prosperity to the Cubans who had been living in poverty since the trade embargo came into effect in the late fifties. It was a moment of joy and celebration both for the Cubans and for people around the  world. The historic moment was witnessed by millions across the globe. 

First US commercial flight

Now the start of the first US commercial flight into Fidel Castro's little rebel island has heralded the start of the business deals between the two historical arch-enemies. It is expected that American industrialization will take over Cuba's mainstream businesses. All that will remain is the legendary Cuban cigars (and the classic cars). In a communist land where fast internet connections are provided to citizens by the local piracy gangs, US telecom companies like Verizon and tech-giants like Apple will soon transform the whole social and financial infrastructure of Cuba.

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A new Cuban revolution 

The young Cubans want change, a revolution of the new kind - a millennial kind.  President Barack Obama's foreign policy of the introduction of  American companies to the country, whose citizens have been forced to live in some kind of an old time zone since Fidel Castro took power during the famous Cuban Revolution, will certainly bring drastic change to the country's social, economical and political infrastructure. 

Apple just launched its new iPhone 7 in the US. I'm certain, just like the young generation around the world, that young Cubans want one as well. An #iPhone is a must have item for the young millennials; its a fashion accessory more than a necessity. It has now become possible to fulfill their American dreams without going to America. 

The Communist regime under Raul Castro still has total control over the Cubans. The country is still run by a dictator, its not a country where governments get democratically elected - as yet. It won't be long, however, before the millennials who are deemed as a 'useless' and technology-dependent generation, will rise against the communist oppression demanding change in Cuba's social and political reforms.

The millennials are the new ones, the  digital kind, the fashionistas who want to get wealthy and drive new fast cars and own lands without any control by the government. The sudden access to technology will bring a revolution of the kind the world witnessed during the Arab Uprising: the young educated Arabs brought about a revolution through the use of social media and fast internet using smartphones. #Foreign Policy