Months of dreadful debates and spectacles of the national conventions are long gone. The new face off between elected nominees is ahead of us. New questions appear, but some old ones remain unanswered. How will they shape our today and tomorrow? Do you agree with what you see and hear?

In a very swift way:

  1. Donald Trump: a bullish, manner-less, cunning, arrogant and self-centered man, who claims to have a knowledge and ability to perform any job better than anyone else in the world. He becomes hostile easily, especially when someone contradicts his words and simply proves him wrong. What are his beliefs anyways? Well, even if one would try to understand a gist out of his campaign or main concept after his speeches, it is simply impossible. Mostly, due to reoccurring echo of his loud, offensive rhetoric aimed against anyone that does not fit his “standards”. This alone makes him disqualified (in my eyes) to become our leader, who represents us all before other nations.
  2. Hilary Clinton: an accomplished and highly experienced political personality, who devoted her entire life to domestic and international affairs. Many of us though, are still hesitant to stand with her, wholeheartedly and pledge support this November. I guess it is still all because of the lack of complete transparency, in times, where it was needed on the first place. Let;s face it, what happened cannot be undone. Now you can either dwell in the past or move forward without asking yourself one question: is it all?  
  3. Believe it or not, but there are still two more candidates: Jill Ellen Stein (the Green Party nominee) and Gary Earl Johnson (the Libertarian Party nominee). Little do we know about them, and unfortunately, even less is aired on the national TV or broadcasted through the public radio. Nevertheless, their campaigns and supporters are relentless in fighting for their rights to be present at the upcoming presidential debate. They want to convince American people that there is more to it than only ''red'' or ''blue''.

‘Third Party’ candidates have never won the election and a meaningful representation in Congress.

All due to the US political practice called: first-past-the-post voting system. Taking that into consideration, these candidates maybe have never succeeded on the national level, but time and time again, they have been a reason for many disruptions on the political stage. (Read: 2016 Third Party Presidential Candidates, written for “The Politics and Election Portal”).

Time will show, if this election is again only a disruption or maybe a breaking point for ‘Spoilers’. Will we remain a nation of two major parties, or will we slowly pace into different direction of a nation who practices proportional representation in their voting system? That unfortunately, we will know in years to come.

Now, there is no ‘lesser evil’.

What is though, is a choice that each of us have to make before we cast our votes.

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Not voting is not an option; and for certain, it is not an answer.

Before you make your decision, please rethink the reasons why you chose one candidate over the other. Please do not be an ignorant who makes empty statements, which we all have heard much too often, like: ‘I do not like candidate xyz that is why I support zyx’ or ‘I support candidate xyz, because s/he is rich and famous’. Do not look for perfection either (not now, not in the future), because you will never find it. Simply, use your brain and make your own judgment, before you cast your vote this November.

Lastly, our votes matter! Yes, they give a direction in which our economy, society and global relations are going to be shaped or sustained for the years to come. I have no doubts about that. Amidst current happenings though, important questions remain and many doubts deepen: Is it all that matter, me and my vote? Is it a start, but then an immediate end to my influence on what happens next? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘YES’, then my today and tomorrow worries me greatly.

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