A lot of Americans are more than confused about who they really want to vote for in this presidential election. Of course, many of us are a bit depressed about our choices and are left trying to figure out which presidential candidate won’t actually ruin the country, possibly make the world end by allying with Satan or cause WWIII. Either candidate’s sheer idiocy (which they both believe to be their own supreme brand of importance and intelligence) is going to run amuck in the form of our nation’s next president. Well, at least the world lost its reverence for the most powerful office in the free world months ago by watching these two monkeys compete for it, so hopefully that’s lowered the bar on what people think the US is likely to achieve in the next four years.

Because my guess is it won’t be much.

Trump vs. Clinton is a choice many see as awful vs. terrible

I don’t disagree the voters have one awful choice, but throwing out one’s vote—a right many have fought and died for and others in many countries dream of—is no way to act about all this. You can hate your candidates but don’t hate your right to vote. After all, you can vote for anybody, and write anybody in, and that’s certainly better than not voting--especially when we’ve got politicians like these two candidates as choices. Both Clinton and Trump seem overly self-important and like they wouldn’t mind a dictatorship that ignores the “little people." So the last thing Americans should want to do is throw out the one thing that puts a check on idiots like these—your right to vote.

But still, I guess some voters, even politicians and former presidents, are still deciding to ignore their right to vote perhaps because want no responsibility for what happens next. But remember, if you don’t vote, you have no right to whine in the future, because you had a chance to do something about the resulting mess and did nothing.

So to those on the list below who aren’t voting and will grumble about it two years from now (if the world still has two years left in it before the apocalypse that’s likely to happen given our current presidential choices), put a sock in it today or go vote.

The Bush family: This political family is passing on voting

George, Jeb, and Barbara Bush all will be abstaining from voting in this election. Considered the Republican frontrunner before Trump won, Jeb Bush stated he will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. While George Bush’s reasons haven’t been widely discussed, Barbara’s been pretty candid.

One example from Barbara Bush’s long list of reasons why she can’t even bring herself to the polls this year has to do with her revulsion of Donald Trump after he attacked Megyn Kelly. To Barbara, she can’t see how any woman could possibly vote for a man that has the ability to degrade another woman publicly on that scale.

However, as far as Trump’s comments on Hillary Clinton are concerned, another woman he publicly mocks on a daily basis (for instance let’s remember his comments on the “second amendment people” taking care of her and his observation that “we should deport her”), Barbara said nothing about having any problems with those comments about that woman.

Can you blame her?

That’s probably why these Bush family members aren’t going to be voting this year.

Continued in Part II of II.

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