The Chicago Tribune recently published a think piece that mulled the question of what Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas will do in a post-Trump world, the assumption being that Donald Trump gets beaten in the presidential election. However, since Hillary Clinton seems to be imploding under the weight of multiple scandals and a campaign style that can best be described as ennui and Trump seems to have found a measure of stability and discipline, Cruz needs to consider what he is going to do if Trump wins.

Considering the depth of animosity that exists between the two men, one would think that some level of awkwardness would arise between the firebrand senator and the mercurial president.

Rare have been the occasions in which a president and a member of the legislative branch were such enemies when they were of the same party.

To be sure, Trump could still reach out to Cruz and apologize. One would think that his campaign manager, the talented Kellyanne Conway is working on such a move. Absent such a sensible development, Cruz will have to figure out how to represent the best interests of Texas while preparing his reelection campaign in 2018 and a return to presidential politics in 2020.

One thing is virtually certain. Any attempt to primary Cruz is likely to fail. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the only possible candidate who polls well against Cruz, has expressed disinterest in being in the Senate. No one else is seen as beating Cruz.

The question arises, will Trump oppose whatever legislative agenda Cruz proposes out of spite? One would hope that he will have enough adult supervision in the Oval Office to stop him from doing so.

(Note: If Conway is named White House Chief of Staff, she would ensure that President Trump does not go off the rails.)

2020 depends on whether Trump wants a second term or not. He will be in his mid-70s and may not want to spend the rest of whatever time he has left being a politician. If Trump decides that it is one and done, Cruz’s decision is easy.

If Trump wants a second term and Cruz decides to run anyway, look out.

The resulting fireworks will make 2016 seem like an old ladies’ tea soiree by comparison.

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