#negativity seems to be everywhere these days. I am telling you, from Instagram to YouTube, the comments sections everywhere are full of hate. Anonymity worked out well for us for a while. People embraced the opportunity to act like themselves behind the shield of an anonymous profile or comment. However, the time of bliss has come to an end. Frankly, no one can know exactly why this is happening but, for some reason, everywhere you look, you can see people name calling, being mean, provoking, and trying to tear down everyone. 

Why this is happening now

It's obvious that there is no particular reason why this outburst of online negativity is happening right now.

One can say that the pressure and stress of everyday life is to blame. People are facing their own struggles on a daily basis and need a place where they can blow off some steam. Anxiety, depression, and the general feeling of unhappiness has driven us to the edge; we have become extremely impatient and do not think twice about attacking anyone. This negativity is just a projection of our own negative thoughts and feelings. In addition, we live in a world where judgment is the number one instinct around. We throw around critics like confetti. In this era of #social media and overexposure, we somehow have come to the conclusion that anyone who puts themselves out there, anyone who is famous, has to grow thick skin and simply handle the haters. We stand behind this notion as if it is a general truth that we have discovered and we are proud of.

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But expecting anyone to tolerate this is unacceptable.

What we don't understand

The only problem with negativity is that it works like the flu: it spreads easily, it makes you feel bad, and at the end of the day is just another way to waste valuable time in bed doing nothing or in this case behind a screen. Being mean to someone online doesn't offer anything. It does not make this world a better place and it's not productive. Tearing down someone just for the sake of doing so is unnecessary and it doesn't make you a better human being. The beauty of the #internet is that you decide who or what you want to watch. You decide how you want to pass your time, and if you don't enjoy something you have the right to click away. However, if for whatever reason you want to continue watching something that you don't like, you also have the right to comment about it if you care that much. But be aware: leaving mean comments is not constructive criticism; it's being plain mean. And who wants more of that?

More and more people have mentioned this problem

The YouTube community has raised its voice against haters, and more and more people use the platform to spread positivity and happiness.

They acknowledge that there is an inexcusable outburst of hating and they try to do something about it. Just yesterday, Amanda Steele, a successful YouTuber, published a video addressing all the hate comments on her videos. A few months before, Jaclyn Hill also took a moment to express her feelings on social negativity.

Let's all hope that there will come a time where the comments section will be a place to discuss, engage with different ideas, and meet new, interesting people.