Former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson exhibited a moment of his cluelessness on foreign affairs when he asked what Aleppo is. In an interview with MSNBC, Mark Barnicle asked Gary what he would do about Aleppo if he was elected.

Johnson responded by saying he did not know what Aleppo was much to the dismay of Barnicle who thought he was kidding. After responding he wasn’t, Barnicle explained to him that Aleppo is the epicentre of the Syrian refugee crisis. Gary proceeded to give his approach to the situation in Aleppo if he were to be elected. Twitter users went ham on Gary, but he has a point regarding the American involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Military involvement injures humanitarian situations

According to Gary, in most cases military involvement in such matters leaves a situation worse, or not any better. Libya is a perfect example of a military intervention that went wrong. In the Arabic revolution of 2011, a NATO operation helped overthrow Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddaffi but left the country deeply unstable and the outcome of it has been two governments fighting to control the country, the emergence of terrorist organizations, and Libya becoming the easiest route for African migrants looking to cross over to Europe.

World’s superpowers scramble for Syria has messed up the country

The Arabic revolution that swept over North Africa and parts of the Middle East left Libya and #Syria much more troubled than they were. Syria has been a piece of cake being scrambled upon by the world’s super powers.

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Russia is troubled Syrian president Bashar Al Assad's biggest ally and it has stepped up on airstrikes on rebel held positions in Aleppo. In February this year a survey revealed that the government only held 40% of the territory in Syria while the rest of the territory was held by rebels and the various terrorist organizations.

America, on the other hand, supports the opposition (the Free Syrian army) which has been severally linked to Islamists. President Assad seems reluctant to leave power and his forces were recently accused of using chemical weapons in the city.

Gary proposed to work with Russia to diplomatically end the Syrian conflict. #Election 2016