On the last weekday before the anniversary of the horrific #9-11 Attack, GOP presidential nominee #Donald Trump promised to "shoot" Syrian "little boats" "out of the water" if any Syrians were to make offensive gestures towards  America's "beautiful destroyers."

Trump made this promise even though such an overt action on America's part would be construed as "an act of war." Furthermore, it would be considered U.S. unilateral, military intervention against Syria.

Recent American wars

In recent decades, the United States was mired in the war in Vietnam, which resulted in the deaths of over 58,000 Americans. America's involvement in that war was an act of unilateral military intervention.

The #Vietnam War has been considered a complete, unequivocal disaster, and a long, protracted war that the United States lost. More recently, the United States has been entrenched in another long, protracted war in Afghanistan, with equally dismal results. 

As this observer sees it, there is no reason to believe that an American war with Syria would result in anything desirable to the American People. Furthermore, it would lead to massive loss of life, would be pointless, and would derive from nothing more than an offensive gesture towards American destroyers.

One totally immature attitude

Trump's attitude is totally infantile, immature and reckless. A president is supposed to be a role model for young people, not someone who enjoins them in their immaturity and stoops to their level. By promising to shoot Syrians, or for that matter anyone, who dares to gesture towards American destroyers, Trump is teaching children that it is acceptable to physically assault others over gestures, or because of "name calling." This is all coming from a man who is trying to convince African-Americans to "return" to the Republican Party!

Intensified school fights and problems

As a direct result of Trump's infantile attitude, school bullying and fights could intensify nationwide.

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Students will believe that since Trump is going to "shoot" people for making gestures towards destroyers, that is acceptable for them to attack others who make gestures towards them or who call them names. This will occur despite sincere efforts by teachers, school administrators and counselors to dissuade children from such actions. 

The children's attitude, primarily, will be that they don't care what teachers and school officials say because "President Trump," or presidential candidate Trump, says that it is "OK" to hit people who gesture at you, or who call you a name, or just look at you "the wrong way."

Trump called "a rookie."

Hillary Clinton has a name for Trump. She recently called him "a rookie" when it comes to negotiations with foreign leaders, especially in reference to his recent trip to Mexico to meet with President Enrique P. Nieto. That trip has been universally considered a disaster, especially since Trump lied to his audience at a rally afterward. 

He told his audience that the subject of the "wall" that he wants to build along the U.S.

border with Mexico was not discussed at all during his meeting with Nieto. However, Nieto disclosed afterward that he began his meeting with Trump by telling him that he would not, under any circumstances, pay for the wall.