A year back Donald Trump was thought of as a clown and the more charitable dismissed him as a passing wonder. Nobody even expected him to win the Republican nomination. The fourth estate routinely castigated him for his comments on Muslims and Hispanic migrants.

A year later most of the critics are surprised at his resilience and even more surprised that he has caught up with Hillary. Even diehard opponents in his own party like Ted Cruz are singing a different tune. They would not like to be bypassed in case he becomes the president.

Donald Trump rises

Donald Trump is a phenomenon. It's difficult to pinpoint the reasons for his support.

But somewhere a large number of whites at the lower end of the economy believe he will better their lot.A look around shows that the intellectuals are ranged against him.

His support base of whites with less education and money, however, swear by him. There is no other reason for Trump to have become a significant challenger to Hillary. He is selling a dream, and many are taken in by his statements that to the erudite appear provocative and thoughtless.

Trump has generated a momentum that took some time to build. There is every chance he will maintain the momentum as he continues like a bull in a China shop. His comments on Putin, Saddam, and profiling Muslims doesn't seem to have harmed his popularity.

A man who was expected to be a washout is now considered a serious challenge. Though the polls give Hillary a slight edge in the electoral college, the fact is given the margin of error; he may well be the winner.

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The winner?

The way Trump has caught up with Hillary will be disconcerting thought for her supporters. Now the Editorial Board of the New York times has endorsed Hillary. But Hillary will do well to remember that the press was always anti-Trump. The fact that he still drew level in the polls show that there is deeper support for Trump among the voters. 

Trump's support is growing. What if he maintains the swing? This in my view will result in a defeat for Hillary. So Hillary may well remember that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip.