In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States and the first black man to take charge of the exalted office, the media’s attention focused on the first family. It is more of a concern for Journalists to investigate the eloquence, elegance, style and the general attitude of members of the family than the social problems which are constantly threatening the foundations of our corporate social existence.

The Culture of political correctness we are familiar with

The Obamas are role models in several respects; of course, you can never have a perfect family especially the type that is constantly in the full glare of the public.

In a free society like ours, we are always quick to judge, criticize and scrutinize public figures and those attached to them. It is a culture of poke nosing.We check those at the helm of affairs expecting them to be perfect; we love to see them smile, wave their hands and give humorous speeches while we hail with cheers and sometimes with tears.

They, in turn, display a sense of perfection, exhibited in composure, calm, and swiftness. The Obama's, like many other American families, displayed a high sense of decorum, made the family system enviable especially when on vacations, and are moderately dressed.

Barack Obama on his own part, and of course, like others before him was more calculating in making presentations, well rehearsed before facing the cameras and he’s also got a sense of humor.

A necessary evil

The politics of political correctness teaches us to put up a saving face even in the midst of obvious agony and disaffection. Trump’s disregard for such an ideology is evidently going to become an integral part of our polity.

Historically speaking, people’s incorrectness has often led to social changes. The French Revolution, Civil Rights Movement, Feminism and the Arab uprising are examples of how an individual or a group attempts to change existing status quo. Some changes are violent and spontaneous, while others are gradual.

The changing roles of women, for instance, have been a gradual one especially when struggles began calling for women to vote in the UK at the turn of the 20th century.The irony in today’s American politics is that, the Republican establishment which had been at the forefront of political correctness is fielding a candidate that rejects it, while the Democrats, who for the most part of our history had championed the need for change, have become reserved and understandably unsure if Trump’s conceptualization of incorrectness is desirable and necessary for progress.

Conceptualizing Trump's political correctness debate

There is the need to understand the political correctness of Trump in relation to his personality and motive. It doesn’t care whose ox is gored, it takes no account of emotions and doesn’t consider minority interests. It simply goes for the jugular, unleashing a pre-determined bias and disaffection through the word of mouth without mincing words. It doesn’t require conventional speeches, neither is it diplomatic. It is summed up in “say it as it is”.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump’s social background and economic status may have contributed to a presumptuous lifestyle, which has also helped him in making deals.

Of course, you can’t attempt to change an existing system without confidence and arrogance. They are essential attributes for creativity and innovation. The most important factor in any side of a debate is the need to come to a line of balancing; extremism on both sides can be dangerous.

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