#Donald Trump and many other conservatives claim that the media is biased against conservatives, save for Fox News and various conspiracy sites like InfoWars. However, the so-called liberal media's desperation to create phony scandals about #Hillary Clinton, and blatantly ignoring major Trump scandals is proof to the contrary.

Trump gets off easy on Trump University scandal

Take for example the Trump University. He ran a university that promised to help make students experts in real estate but woefully under-delivered on its promises and was shut down in 2010 because of a laundry list of lawsuits. Several states were investigating the enterprise but two attorney generals decided to drop their investigations.

These same attorney generals got donations from the Trump Foundation. The Internal Revenue Service has even fined him over this.

However, Trump has taken almost no heat for this. It barely registered on the radars of the allegedly liberal media. Instead, they have their claws out for the Clinton Foundation. A foundation with an A rank from Charity Navigator that by all credible accounts (as in from people who haven't spent the last 25 years trying to make up scandals on any Democrat, Hillary or otherwise), the Foundation does good work.

The Clinton Foundation "scandal"

Yet the Associated Press keeps acting like it's some nefarious mafia cartel. They try to act like there's a big scandal because Clinton met with people who donated to the Clinton Foundation On the surface this might seem weird.

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Scratch the surface and you see that the donors are people like Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize winning creator of the microloan that's being used to help people in developing countries. Other allegedly nefarious contacts include the founder of the Center for Middle East Peace and groups that fight things like AIDS and sex trafficking in the the Third World, All people a self-respecting Secretary of State would meet with at some point and if it were a Republican Secretary of State, the media wouldn't even cover it. And since the Foundation does extensive work in the Third World, it stands to reason they'd probably donate. Scandal!

Yet the so-called liberal media buries those facts deep in their "scandal" stories as they try to make Clinton Foundation donors look like the Legion of Doom. They have spent the last 25 years trying to dig up dirt on the Clintons, being led by the nose by various conspiracy theorists and you can tell they don't have any facts to back up these so-called "scandals".

They use terms like "casts shadows" or "creates appearances." These terms are journalism speak for "we don't have any proof of a scandal and we know for a fact we don't but we want you to think there is one."

Meanwhile, Trump can literally bribe people into not investigating him and there is silence. Why? Because the media isn't liberal. All the ranting about media bias on Trump's part is stupid considering that if they were biased, he'd be in a lot more trouble over Trump University if we did. The fact is we don't have a liberal media. We have a conservative media that attempts to look balanced but fails. #Democrats vs Republicans