#Donald Trump to the chagrin of his opponents has shown he is a pragmatist. He has for the first time visited a predominantly black church in Detroit and despite all the propaganda against him, pulled off a coup of sorts by creating a favorable atmosphere and establishing  rapport with the black audience.

Donald at the church

Donald Trump joined the black audience at a church and swayed to the music. There were a few hecklers outside the church but inside it was calm and serene. At the end of the function, Donald was presented with a shawl by Bishop Wayne Jackson which he gracefully accepted. Overall the entire exercise went off very well.

Donald Trump has a point which the Afro-Americans may well ponder over. There is no doubt that though supporting the Democrats for decades the blacks remain at the lowest rung of the economic spiral. The percentages of Blacks below the poverty line hasn't improved and one really wonders what the Black support to the Democrats has led to. Where are the tangible benefits? What use is support if it does not lead to economic betterment and a rise in social status.

The future

Ben Carson, one-time opponent and now supporter of Donald took the GOP nominee to visit places which were once thriving and now have gone to seed. It's about time the Afro-Americans looked at Donald with a little more openness than through a prism. Donald's refrain that what have the blacks to lose by supporting him? -  must ring a bell.

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After all, after decades of supporting the Democrats has led nowhere, a stint under Donald may see some betterment. 

Donald has some clear-cut ideas and though many of his opponents say they are incoherent, the fact is the underlying principle is to reduce America's economic burden. His proposal to ask NATO nations to pay for the upkeep of US troops is a far-reaching proposal. For too long America has borne the weight of the world like the god Atlas.

The church address was a success and the predominantly black audience came back favorably inclined. Donald Trump cannot be written off and despite the wishes of his opponents more so those who lost out to him in the run-up to the nomination may be in for a shock. #Election 2016