The joint forum that #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton attended on Wednesday night is described today as a win for Clinton and an epic fail for Trump, but the reasons behind this perceived outcome seem as ludicrous as they come. Donald Trump is accused of being "star-struck" by #Putin in an article by The Washington Post, but Trump being star-struck by Putin is not at all how he presented himself, but if you are for Hillary Clinton, it sounds awfully good! The article from the Post calls Trump a "raging egomaniac," and sides with Clinton, who appears to be seen as a victim having to fend-off email questions.

Trump - Putin an odd pairing? 

When Time Magazine names their person of the year, sometimes that person is one of the most loathed to ever come down the pike, but it is not their likability that Time is after.

According to an archived article from 2001, Jim Kelly, who was the the managing editor of Time back then, said the members of the panel who choose Time's person of the year are not going by popularity.

Kelly explained when they are naming Time's Person of the Year they look for that one person "who most affected the events of the year, for better or worse." This is how they explain considering bin Laden, Ayatollah Khomeini and Adolf Hitler in the past with the latter two actually selected for the spot. It was a toss up in 2001 between bin Laden and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Giuliani won out.

Admire person's trait, without admiring the person!

When Trump says that he admires Putin, it is not that he admires the man as a great humanitarian, but he sees Putin as a decisive man with a much stronger grasp of what goes on in his country than Obama does in this nation.

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According to an article by CNN News back in July, Trump wrote in his book, Time to Get Tough, that Putin has intelligence and a "no-nonsense way " of running his country.

With that said he also conveyed that he can't believe Obama lets the leader of Russia "get away with so much," like edging out neighboring countries so Europe would be dominated by Russia's oil supplies. Trump is acknowledging the strength that Putin demonstrates as a leader and in his own words he has said our own government has let him get away with things that they shouldn't have.

Trump-Putin love affair?

Trump doesn't have a love-affair with Putin, as the headlines have suggested. You can admire someone's ability to take the reins and reel in the horse even when the horse he is riding is his transportation to rob a bank. If a serial killer has an artistic ability that people admire, it doesn't mean they will join forces with the guy to continue on his work. Trump admiring some of the strength Putin demonstrates doesn't mean he always likes the end-goal of Putin applying that strength.

Trump's raging ego?

The article in the Post tags Trump as someone whose "raging egomania" is driving the bus. They base this on Trump telling Matt Lauer that if Putin says nice things about him, he will treat him the same way and say nice things back. Doesn't this show more intelligence than his opponent calling Putin everything but the devil himself?

Why would you want to perpetuate the friction between the two governments? Where is that going to lead? One thing Trump hasn't shown is a stellar performance in political correctness. Let's face it, that is a big part of his popularity today, he is not part of the political machine. So when Trump says he is going to say nice things back to Putin, it is just another way of saying it is time to start mending bridges. 

Hillary's handling of Putin fails

Calling Putin names hasn't gotten this nation very far with the man. Hillary Clinton has likened Putin to Hitler, which is reported in an article from The Telegraph in 2014. She's never had anything but disparaging words for the Russian leader and while they might have been warranted, they haven't gotten us anywhere to fixing these relations and possibly getting Putin invested in a different way of doing business!