If you want to know where #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton sit today when it comes to the mainstream thinking all you have to do is to check out Twitter. Social media offers a good indication of mainstream America's mindset when it comes to politics and today it looks as if the tide has drastically changed for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

According to Live News 4, Hillary called an impromptu press conference today, which was held outside her campaign plane. There she deemed herself the most qualified to fight terrorism both at home and around the world. This comes on the heels of the bombs going off in New York and New Jersey this weekend.

She then spewed some ideas, that seemingly were the same as Donald Trump has been offering up for ideas all along, such as the extreme vetting of refugees.

High tide for Donald Trump!

Trending on Twitter today is "#TrumptoHitler," which was started to compare the GOP Candidate to one of history's most evil of all men. Hillary is trending on Twitter under #WhitePlains, which is where she gave that press conference today, Monday September 19. It wasn't too long ago that you would see both of these trending hashtags offering up more Trump bashing than not, but that doesn't seem to be the case today. #WhitePlains has Twitter users mocking Hillary talking about the U.S. needing to do a better job at vetting refugees. 

Hillary's stuck in low tide!

It goes without saying why Twitter users find this ironic, since this is something Trump has been saying all along.

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People are blasting her for talking about a plan she has for defeating ISIS when she could have used this plan when she was Secretary of State. If it is a "new" plan just concocted out of necessity for campaign success, then why not share it with Obama today and get a jump on taking these people down?

Brutal to Hillary?

There's no doubt about it, people were brutal to Hillary on Twitter today calling her out for speaking "meaningless words." Another Twitter user put her in the category with today's "global establishment of monarchs, autocrats and dictators." Many are stating they do not believe a word she says! 

Hop on over to #TrumptoHitler and a few months back you'd expect to see all the ways that Trump resembles Hitler and how he will ruin this great country of ours. This is where the tide has changed the most.

People are tired of this Trump and Hitler comparison and they are looking to Trump to get the nation out from under the establishment today.

Not everyone has changed

Sure, there are a few celebrities still hanging on to their Trump to Hitler comparisons, but many more have chimed in to say that every Republican running in the last few decades has been compared to this evil dictator. They also shamed many of the folks who want to carry this comparison forward after the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as these issues are much more pressing.

Trump wins out for sure!

The few people left comparing Trump to Hitler are being reprimanded for comparing the Holocaust to any living person today. By doing this, it seems to make light of the horrendous tragedies suffered by people at the hand of Hitler. The tide has changed on Twitter, as it was not too long ago that Donald Trump would be the person being chastised the most, but today it appears folks are targeting Hillary Clinton!