The first Presidential debate is September 26th in Hempstead, New York. #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton will finally be in one place with much of the nation watching. The main-stream media is abuzz trying to figure out exactly how much the moderator should be involved. Matt Lauer recently got blasted for being easy on Trump.

The media insists on being part of the story instead of just reporting the story. Much like they do with all stories, the media wants to spin it to fit their own agenda. When something happens that draws huge media coverage no stone is left un-turned to find out the dirt on somebody. Journalism like so much of the rest of our world has changed, no longer do reporters report, now they like to advocate.

NRA member stops knife attack

The off duty police officer that shot and killed the knife attacker in Minnesota has been described as a former police chief, and currently a part-time officer by the mainstream media. What the media failed to mention that the officer is also a NRA shooting instructor. Maybe the media did not know that fact, but I would assume they did. Reporting that would give credit to a card carrying NRA member, and the liberals in control of those media outlets can’t have that.

Taking all this into account the only thing I personally want from any future moderator is to ask questions. Minimal interaction between either Trump or Clinton and the moderator would give us all a much clearer picture of both candidates. We do not need a moderator who becomes part of the debate, we just need one who will ask questions, and then listen like the rest of us.

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Moderators do not get votes

Not one vote will be cast in this election for a moderator, so their thoughts on the questions have absolutely no consequence to what is trying to be achieved by even having a debate. Rebuttal from the candidates will give each a chance to refute the other, and that is what the voters need to hear. One on one the candidates will have nowhere to hide, and gaffs will be magnified. A politician verses a businessman/entertainer, this debate is made for television.

Trump will without doubt bring up the trust issues we all have with Clinton along with the deplorable comment, and it will be worth watching when he does. Clinton will surely focus on Trumps rhetoric and try to further diminish his intentions if he becomes president. This first debate is to be focused on security, the economy, and the future. It is quite obvious to all that Trump and Clinton have different ideas where this country needs to go. Overall with or without a meddling moderator this first debate promises to be a train wreck.