#Donald Trump is my choice for President. Voting for the President is every citizen of the United States right guaranteed by the Constitution. Many Americans don’t exercise that right every time we have a Presidential election, but I certainly do. Voting does things for me personally. I feel prideful and fortunate walking out of the polling station. Worldwide many would trade places to be able to have a say in the process of running their country.

This election currently underway is future changing in my mind. We either do something to stop the blatant disregard for the American citizens or we just become absorbed into a global community.

That global community will have goals different from our own, and not in our best interest for that matter.

At no time in our past has it been more important for each voter to be informed about what exactly are the repercussions of voting for the wrong candidate. The American Dream will cease to exist, and security will be something spoken of in the past tense. Our economy will be further devastated, and our rights will be stripped away one by one. The following three reasons top my list of why I am voting for Donald Trump for President.

First and foremost

Security tops my list. Trump will close our borders while his opponent #Hillary Clinton believes we should take even more immigrants from Syria. This makes no sense at all. We do not know who these people are, where they have really come from, nor what their intentions are.

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Second and puzzling

Our economy is a shamble, and of the choices we have I feel Donald Trump would do a better job of improving things. Being a business man Trump better understands this, and that is why he opposes the TPP trade agreement. Clinton championed the agreement, but now says she does not, again that trust issue raises its head. We do not need another version of NAFTA.

Third and quite enough on its own

Hillary Clinton is a liar. I don’t mean little white lies either, I mean about everything that she deals with or comes in contact with. Nothing she says can be trusted to be the truth until it is fact-checked. Time after time she has been exposed as dishonest, and I simply do not trust her.

This list could be quite long if I listed all the reasons I would vote for Trump, or more importantly not vote for Clinton. None of those matter in the big picture though, without security and a vibrant economy we will simply get more of the same old political posturing with nothing getting done about our problems. The rich would keep getting richer while the middle class simply disappears. Soon you would either be rich or poor with nothing but broken promises in between.