#Donald Trump is changing the political scene of the United States. The President and Congress of the last few administrations have put the needs of the world before the needs of our own here at home. For too long politicians have gone to Washington middle to upper class and by the time they leave they are wealthy with Cadillac retirement benefits that they put in place, not the people of this country.

Hillary Clinton says the Clintons left Washington flat broke, but her tax returns say different. The Clintons have a net worth of $111 million, what exactly did they have to offer that was worth that kind of money? Neither of the Clintons actually have a job per se, but their net worth continues to climb year to year.

Trump a one-man wrecking crew

Trump was a one man wrecking crew during the Republican Primaries taking no prisoners. The establishment had no answer for Trump. The big money donors did all they could and none of it was successful. The last dozen states or so Trump ran unopposed due to the fact that one by one the challengers bowed out.

Bernie Sanders had a chance to do the same to the Democratic Party, but the system was just too one-sided, and Bernie ended up burning all those that donated to him by supporting Clinton. Trump on the other hand was motivated enough and has enough stamina to finish what he started by being elected President in November.

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Trump breaking new ground

So now Trump is rewriting campaigning again in the general election. Trump is reaching out to minorities and making a lot of common sense in what he is saying. The Democrats have done minorities no favors. Things for those at the bottom have not gotten better after decades of Democrats being the go-to place for minorities. Republicans never really put effort into minorities in the past, it was just assumed they would vote Democrat.

Trump as he does asked them what they had to lose, and more of the same was the only answer to a question only Trump would ask. If he continues to expand his base it appears that much of that growth will be from the minority communities that want change. Trump will help these neighborhoods become safer and better places to live. Real focus will be put on creating jobs and improving schools in low-income neighborhoods.

Donald Trump never read the book on how to be a politician or politically correct. The real world is not politically correct, as a matter of fact most of what is wrong in the real world was made worse by politicians. Real people say things and wish they had not. Real people remember the things they have done and show remorse. Trump has changed politics, and like him or not, he did it for you.